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Tools to Get from Overwhelm to Empowerment


Chronic Pain is any pain — physical, emotional, or spiritual, it’s all the same to the brain, sending a signal “I hurt” — that is felt 15 days out of the month for three months or more.

This is a Community offering services, tools and support to free you from the suffering of chronic pain. We are a community supporting each other through our healing and into health, joy and happiness.

Guiding you to unleash the power of your own healing and release the grip of chronic pain.

Offering tools to free you from suffering and serving those suffering with chronic pain.

We are a community supporting each other through our healing.

Chronic Pain is any pain — physical, emotional, or spiritual, it’s all the same to the brain, sending a signal
“I hurt” — that is felt 15 days out of the month for three months or more.



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Do you feel overwhelmed by the stress in your life?

Do the aches and pains of day-to-day pull you into chronic pain?

Chronic pain is any pain: physical, emotional, or spiritual – it’s all the same to the brain sending a signal “I hurt”- that is felt 15 days out of 30 for three months or more.

You don’t have to suffer. Our body wants to heal; it has great healing power. We simply need to give our body the information it needs and get out of the way. You can live in a place of empowerment and responsibility around your well-being and beyond suffering and love a thriving life.

Elizabeth has lived a lifetime or chronic pain and has successfully moved beyond it.

Unleash your own healing power in a session with Elizabeth.

She has lived a lifetime of chronic pain and has successfully moved beyond it. Elizabeth found a way to live without suffering. She can help guide you into greater health and more ease and peace in your life.

During your session, Elizabeth will use a focused combination of stress management tools and will tailor your session to help you move forward and grow into your potential.

“Chronic pain is a huge problem in the world and we need to reach out for help. Elizabeth Kipp is a leader in helping people with chronic pain.Check her out.”
—Paul Noiles, Director of Holistic Recovery at Aurora Recovery Centre, Gimli, Manitoba

“I felt an enormous weight lifted from my shoulders, felt like it was very beneficial, and that I would eagerly book another appointment with her. So far I am definitely a very satisfied client and would recommend her to anyone.”
— Justine W., Lawrence, KS

“Elizabeth holds space in the most loving way. Her skill and guidance while holding such a divine space, allows her to be a wonderful ancestral clearing practitioner and very magical energy worker. I am deeply grateful for how she has helped me on so many occasions and continues to do so. I highly recommend Elizabeth to anyone.”
— Charan Surdhar, Epigeneticist, Birmingham, UK


Elizabeth Kipp – Stress and Chronic Pain Management


A safe, anonymous, unique and hopeful supportive community forum by and for chronic pain patients wherein we can share our stories of struggle and triumph over our condition.

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Elizabeth Kipp – Stress and Chronic Pain Management


The Recovery Corner

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Elizabeth’s training and expertise all in one place.

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Time tested prayers to help you along the path of forgiveness.

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Blogs about Chronic Pain


Amazing articles from experts and gurus from around the world.

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Meditations to live a life free from suffering.

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Discover ways to upgrade the quality of your life and empower yourself into living a thriving life.

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Spirit X Retreat

Spirit X Retreat

Santa Cruz, CA ~ March 31 to April 04 2018

Elizabeth will lead group Ancestral Clearing and Mantra workshops at the Spirit X Retreat with Anandamali Nicola Ristic and the rest of his team.

Spirit X is Anandamali’s newest teaching on how to live spiritual life in the 21st century. It blends the best from the wisdom traditions with the best from the legacies of modern world.

This retreat will study how to utilize the richness of the modern world for your spiritual growth, create a new you, align with your purpose, rediscover your True Self and connect with others and the world. Practices include silence, meditation, communing with nature, relational exercises, and serving the transformation of the world. We will stay and practice in the house specially designed for deep spiritual practice, the Mount Madonna Center, in the redwoods of Northern California, overlooking the Monterey Bay. Click here for more information

Forgiveness Workshop

Forgiveness: The Workshop – Tools for Letting Go

Sat Tirath Ashram/ Kansas City, MO/April 21/1:00-5:00pm

Elizabeth Kipp (Puran Adesh Kaur) will offer a Forgiveness Workshop on April 21, from 1:00pm to 5:00pm at Kansas City Kundalini Yoga, Sat Tirath Ashram, 3525 Walnut St., Kansas City, MO 64111. This event will include Kundalini kriyas and meditations as taught by Yogi Bhajan to help deepen your ability to forgive and release the past. You will learn and practice specific mantras to help you let go of those things that no longer serve you. Following the yoga portion of the workshop, Elizabeth will hold an Ancestral Clearing Group Intensive. Though this modality is not one taught by Yogi Bhajan, it is complementary to and supportive of his teachings. Individuals will be able to work directly with Elizabeth in clearing karma from your life and lineage. $40 per person. Register here.

About Elizabeth (Puran Adesh Kaur): Elizabeth is a Level One Kundalini Yoga teacher, Health Facilitator, and Ancestral Clearing Practitioner, specializing in stress and chronic pain management. She offers yoga classes at Be Moved Studio in Lawrence, KS and Ancestral Clearing work in person, online, and over the phone across the globe You can book a session with Elizabeth here.


Elizabeth Kipp – Stress and Chronic Pain Management

Health Facilitator & Empowerment Coach

Elizabeth Kipp is a long time seeker of truths with a foot each in the spiritual and scientific worlds. Her life experiences and training enable her to bridge the gap between the two.

Now in recovery from both chronic pain and addiction to prescription medication, Elizabeth is a health facilitator, empowerment coach, EFT/Tapping, Ancestral Clearing practitioner and Kundalini yoga teacher helping people to step into the power of their own healing. She has turned her attention as a patient advocate in service to the alarmingly high population of people who suffer from or are in recovery from chronic pain, and to those who are in recovery and are also suffering from chronic pain.  Read more about Elizabeth here…

Why a community for chronic pain and recovery?

The importance of having a community of like-minded people around healing from chronic pain cannot be understated. I believe when we band together and share our experience, strength, and hope in coping with and healing from chronic pain that we vastly increase the odds that we will succeed in finding a way of life free from suffering. Learn more about our community here…

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