Stuck Out of Focus ~ Becoming a #WaveRider

I have lost my focus somehow…even in sadhana. I was struggling last week to find even a shred of focus in my practice and finally in Monday I found my grounding once again…only to lose it the next day. I have regained some of that feeling of being centered and peaceful, yet I feel that I am only regaining that ground by crawling back an inch at a time. I’m not sure exactly what happened that threw me off center, but I am praying for guidance. I feel as if I have energetically splintered into a million pieces…and I pray that Humpty Dumpty will come back together again…remade whole. This is the kind of time when in the past I would have turned to the outside world, find any kind of distraction to not feel all of this…yet I have had the strength to stay clean through all of this. It’s quite the cosmic joke to me that The Universe is bringing me such an assignment at this juncture as I am preparing a master class on getting unstuck. Here I am feeling like I am practically stuck myself, doing all I can to find some purchase, some traction somewhere. I am trying to find some peace and solace in that beautiful place of being…my mind has become very loud and not wanting AT ALL to be in any kind of focus…maybe this is the essence of shakti pad with my mind doing all that it can to reign over my heart. I am opening myself to seeing with new eyes and listening with new ears to all that is being offered to me by my inner guru, perhaps my best teacher of all. All of the most powerful teachers I have met so far have always pointed me right back into myself. The choice for me is to remain on the path and step one step at a time, no matter how tiny. I will not despair. Rather I will reboot and ride these waves. My go-to has been to sit in a mantra that speaks to gratitude…for all of it – for the peace, for the chaos, for shakti pad, for all the lessons. Let them come.

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