Ancestral Clearing for Issues with Time

Here is an Ancestral Clearing for Issues with Time.

Creator, Great Spirit, Holy Father, Divine Mother, Oneness – You are known by many names, and You are One. We ask humbly and gratefully for you to please help us and all our relationships and all our ancestors throughout all space, time, dimension, lives, lifetimes, realms, and incarnations –

For the times we forgot what time it was, were late, and people suffered because of our inattention;

for any time we felt so much pressure to act that we felt there wasn’t enough time or said, “There’s no time for me;” for those times when no one gave us the time of day and for all we made it felt and made it mean about ourselves, others, life, and even You, Creator – please help us all to forgive one another for all that happened, all that led up to and arose from these experiences, any limiting beliefs, judgments, or conclusions we had about these experiences, all the letdown because they happened, any inverse burden, and any time we felt the effects of these on the womb.

Please and thank You.

For any time we were trapped in the mind, in illusion, in separation,

felt we were out of synchrony time or our experience of time was that it was disjointed, and for any time we mismanaged time and all the repercussions thereof – please help us all to forgive one another and forgive ourselves, for the highest good.

Please and thank You.

For any time we ran out of time, and all that occurred because of that;

for any time we were abandoned, forgotten, lost, or couldn’t catch up and all the survival pressures we endured because of any of these things; for any time we said in frustration, “It happens all the time;” and whenever we forgot the eternal moment; for any time the hard-earned lessons we learned became lost in time – please help us all to forgive one another and forgive ourselves.

Please and thank You.

Please help us to remember the present moment, its flow, and its gifts for us.

Please help us to forgive and release any weight, pain, or burden of any kind around any issue with time that is not serving the highest good. Now and forever.

Please and thank You.

Please and thank You.

Please and thank You.


To address ancestral clearing for issues with time or any other issue, you can BOOK HERE for a private session. Group sessions are also available.

Ancestral Clearing was pioneered by Howard Wills and further developed and taught by John Newton.


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