Ancestral Clearing for Releasing Shame

This is an Ancestral Clearing for releasing shame.

Higher Power, Creator, God, Divine Spirit – You are known by many names, and You are One.

We thank You for all the blessings You have given us. We ask you for us and all our ancestors through all space, time, dimensions, realms, and incarnations –

For the times we stole, lied, or cheated, for the times we took more than we needed,

for the times we took without giving thanks, for the times we went against what our heart was beseeching us to do, for the harm we did to others and ourselves – please help us all forgive each other and ourselves – for all of it, no matter what happened.

Please and thank You.

For the times we saw ourselves as falling short of others’ expectations for us, or expectations for ourselves,

for the times we were unable to complete a task entrusted to us and all that arose in the lineage because of that, for the times we let others down, let ourselves down, or felt let down by others, including You, Higher Power – please help us all forgive each other and forgive ourselves. Please and thank You.

For the times we confused guilt with shame and made our mistakes mean that we were the mistake,

and there seemed to be no escaping this meaning. For the times we took on the shame of others in our family, our community, or anywhere else. For all that led up to and arose from shame in our lives, all we made it mean, all limiting beliefs, judgments, or conclusions about it, all the letdown because it happened, any inverse burden, and anytime we felt the energy of this in the womb – please help us all forgive each other and forgive ourselves. Please and thank You.

For any time there was not enough to go around, and we suffered, in body, mind, or soul,

and for all we made it mean about ourselves, each other, the community, our leaders, life itself, and even You, Higher Power – including that we weren’t enough – and all that rippled out into the lineage as a result -we ask, please help us to forgive each other and forgive ourselves.

Please and thank You.

Please help us find peace with one another and ourselves, no matter what happens.

Please help us love one another and ourselves as You love us, now and forever.

Please and thank You.

We can carry the burdens of others in our lineage, so this Ancestral Clearing for releasing shame can help us shift that energy.

For a private Ancestral Clearing session, BOOK HERE.

Ancestral Clearing is a spiritual modality complementary to all other healing modalities that was pioneered by Howard Wills and further developed and taught by John Newton.

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