Ancestral Clearing for Words Left Unspoken

Here is an Ancestral Clearing for words left unspoken:

Creator, All That Is, God, Divine, Infinite, Oneness – You are known by many names, and You are One. We thank You for Your presence in our lives and for showering us with Your bountiful blessings and love. We ask humbly and gratefully for us and all our ancestors and all their relationships throughout all time, space, dimension, realms, lifetimes, and incarnations:

For all the words we left unspoken in haste, in forgetfulness, or in the heat of the moment;

for any time we were at a loss for the words to say, for anytime we were tongue-tied or feared our words would fall on deaf ears no matter what we said – please help us all forgive one another and forgive ourselves.

Please and thank You.

For any time we were bullied into silence or secrecy,

for any ill will we secretly harbored for anyone and its negative effects on everyone involved, for the weight we felt because we kept secrets in the family, especially as children, for any time we were forced in any way to hold back the truth and for all the suffering that followed because of it – please help anyone involved directly or indirectly to forgive one another and forgive ourselves.

Please and thank You.

For any time someone died, and we never got a chance to tell them how much we truly loved them,

never were able to resolve old arguments, disagreements, or misunderstandings, and for any resentments that were left hanging; for any unfinished business, unanswered correspondence, decisions left hanging, unsettled bills or disputes – please us all to forgive everyone involved in any way and everyone forgive us.

Please and thank You.

For any time we held back words about how we really felt and regretted it in any way,

and especially for any time there were dire consequences because of it either to others or ourselves, and for all the guilt or shame we felt and that haunted us because of it, please help us, for once and for all, to forgive and release one another and forgive and release ourselves, for all of it, no matter what happened.

Please and thank You.

For all these issues and any related issues for us and our entire lineage,

all that led up to them, all that arose from them, all any of us made it mean, any unhealthy beliefs we had about them, all the let down we felt because of them, all the inverse burden, and anytime anyone felt the energy of any of these issues in the womb – please help us all to forgive one another and ourselves, find peace with one another, and find peace with ourselves, for once and for all.

Please and thank You.


You can find additional offerings to the Ancestral Clearing for words left unspoken HERE.

For a private Ancestral Clearing session, BOOK HERE.


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