Ancestral Clearing Prayer for Grief, Longing & Letting Go

Creator, Divine Spirit, Great Mother, Father – we know You by so many names, but You are the One in all of them – for all that You are – we thank you for always being here for us. We love You. Thank You for your constant, ever-present love. We ask for us and all our ancestors, through all time, space, dimension, and all realms:

For those times when we lost loved ones, through sickness, war, or storms of any kind, be they from Mother Earth or from Her creatures, and for all of the powerlessness and grief we felt arise from and around it; for our sense of our loss of connection to them and the great longing that came with it; for all that we felt and carried around this and its reminder to us of all that we felt we lacked – please help us all to forgive one another and forgive ourselves. Please and thank You.

For the longing set deep inside of our distant memories and any sadness we hold about how we can never go back to past times of joy – please help us all to release the burden we carry around this, and help us to be present and see the richness and blessing of what You have brought here and now to us.

For all those times when we just held on in desperation to anything and everything left from a lost loved one, and for the times we felt we could not move forward without them, and for all that arose in the entire lineage as a result of our grief – please help us to all forgive one another, be forgiven, and to forgive ourselves. Please and thank You. Please help us to let go of anything we carry that no longer serves us. Help us to always know and live in the light of Your love.

Please and thank You.

Please and thank You.

Please and thank You.


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Ancestral Clearing Prayer for Grief, Longing and Letting Go

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