Ancestral Clearing Prayer for Letting Go and Renewal

Here is an ancestral clearing prayer for letting go and renewal.

Oh Creator, all and everything that You are, for all of us and our ancestors and all of their relations throughout all space, time, dimensions, fields, and realms –

For all of the times we felt the presence of the warm sun and were nurtured and sustained by it – we thank You; for the times we felt the sun’s light weakening as the days shortened and for the alarm we felt from this, and for all that we made it mean about the sun, the power of our community and our leaders, the family, each other, and You, Creator; for the times we witnessed so much sun without rains or buffering clouds that the waters dried up, and crops and animals died; for the times we were burned or parched by the sun, and for times when we died from dehydration, weren’t able to feed our babies the milk they needed for lack of water and food, and all that arose from these events in our communities, families and lineages because of it – please help us all to forgive the sun, each other, You Creator, and ourselves. Please and Thank You.

For all of the times of darkness, especially the lengthening nights, and for the many times we feared that the sun would never return to lead us back into the light; for the times of eclipse and other heavenly body orbits that shifted what we knew to be the normal rhythms of our world and how we fell into doubt of ourselves and the abilities of our community leaders and of ourselves to keep our families and loved ones safe, and when we doubted even You, Creator – please help us all to forgive all of those we doubted, including You and ourselves. Please and Thank You.

For all of the times we had to say goodbye to our loved ones and watch them transition into the next realm and for how hard it was for us to let go; for all of those times we lost loved ones who disappeared and we never knew why or what happened to them, and all that came about as a result of this; for those times that we departed without so much as a goodbye, whether unintentionally or intentionally, including suicide, and for the shock and sadness that ensued in our families and loved ones – please help us all forgive each other, forgive ourselves, and forgive You, Creator, for any role we thought You played in these events. Please and Thank You.

For the gift of renewal and the countless times spring and summer followed winter, no matter how harsh the winter was; for the coming of the rains, no matter how long the sun seemed to bake the waters out of the land; for the coming of the sun, after seemingly endless rains overflowing the land; for the gentle winds that brought fresh air after spans of air so becalmed we felt steeped in and were even poisoned by stagnant air; for the times the crops grew freely and bountifully after years so lean we never thought we would see bounty again – we thank You, Creator, for all of it. We love You. Thank You for loving us. Please help us to love one another and ourselves. Now and forever.

Please and thank You.

Please and thank You.

Please and thank You.


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#Ancestral Clearing PrayerAncestral Clearing Prayer for Gratitude, Letting Go, and Renewal

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