Ancestral Clearing Prayer for the Inner Critic

Here is an Ancestral Clearing prayer for the Inner Critic.

Higher Power, Creator, Great Father, Divine Mother, Universe, Divine Spirit, All That Is, Oneness – You are known by many names and You are One. We thank you for Your love and all Your bountiful blessings. We humbly ask, for us and our ancestors, through all space, time, dimension, realms, and lifetimes:

For any time our inner critic rose up in us and we unrelentingly punished ourselves; for any time we felt overwhelmed and out of integrity with our choices in life, whether conscious or unconscious, for all the times we violated our own conscience, and all the self-punishment that arose in us and the lineage as a result of it – please help us all to forgive one and another and ourselves. Please and thank You.

Please help us to face what happened, whatever it was, and accept it as immutable, since it lives in the past. For all the hurts and wrongs we did to others, for the hurts and wrongs we did to ourselves – please help us to forgive one another and to forgive ourselves.

Please help us release our confusion around any misidentification with the ego instead of who we truly are.

Please help free us from the burdens of the past. Please help us release the grip we have on our past actions. Please help us to accept ourselves, fully. Please help us to grow our capacity to be self-compassionate. Please help us to heal. Please help us to realize, for once and for all time, that we are worthy of love. Please help us to love ourselves as You love us – now and forever.

Please and thank You.

Please and thank You.

Please and thank You.


For a personal Ancestral Clearing, please click here.


With gratitude to Howard Wills for pioneering this work and to John Newton for further developing it.

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