Ancestral Clearing Prayer for Mothers and Children

Here is an ancestral clearing prayer for mothers and children.

Oh Great Mother, Divine Spirit, Flame of Shakti, we thank you for ever holding us in Your light and love. We ask You to please shower Your grace on all mothers through all time, space, dimensions and all realms, and on all of their children.

For the times mothers conceived accidentally, unexpectedly, or through force of another, for the times they conceived on purpose and were blessed with pregnancy, through many times of trying and praying for conception, for the times they adopted children for their own – we thank You for bringing the blessing of motherhood, children, and childhood.

For the times of plenty, when resources were rich and our bellies were filled, replete and nourished, and when the knowing of sweet peace and love flowed freely between mothers and children, and all of us felt it deeply, we are thankful.

For all of those times when any of us were sick, mothers or children, and You helped us through these experiences; when we felt wounded or damaged from trauma or illness – we thank You for bringing Your miraculous touch of healing, restoring us, especially in spirit with Your ever-calming grace. For those moments when we thought we were so broken that we would never know what it was to be whole again, we thank You for your ever expansive and overflowing compassion, and for Your constant, fierce, and unwavering light. We are so grateful for Your guiding and sustaining hand.

For all the times mothers lost their children during pregnancy, while nursing, and for times the children passed to You before the mothers did and all the heart ache and grief that ensued in the mother’s heart, and for all the moments that passed when children felt the loss and searing separation from their mothers – please help us all forgive each other, help us all to forgive ourselves, fully and completely. Please and Thank You.

For all the times mothers tried their best but couldn’t or wouldn’t be there for the children, whether they ran short of food for the body or food for the soul, please help us all forgive each other and forgive ourselves, no matter what. Please and Thank You. For the times the mothers felt judged by You, Great Mother, for their perceived failures, and for any times the children felt the weight of judgment or comparison as a result of how the mothers felt about themselves, please help us to forgive each other and ourselves, finding love and peace with our relationships. Please and thank You.

For the times of hardship and any and all discord that followed, between mothers and children, and all through the lineage, when mothers reached out for help with the children, couldn’t get it, and saw their children suffer as a result, and when children did all they could to feel the attention and love from their mother and never felt like they were truly cherished and accepted unconditionally for who they were – please help us all forgive each other and help us all forgive ourselves. Please and Thank You.

For the times mothers lost sleep over worry for their children’s future, for the days when they went to sleep leaving tears on their pillow, for whatever reason; for the times children felt their future stifled by their mother in any way; for the times children went to sleep angry or frustrated with their mother, and for those moments children wished they lived in a different family, and felt ashamed for even thinking such a thing – please help us all to forgive one another and forgive ourselves. Please and thank you. Help us each to realize the true depth of love from You and that we have for one another and ourselves. Please and Thank You.

For all the times mothers were absent, having to work to keep the children and themselves alive, for the times mothers left home to never return again, and the children never knew why, and for all that we as children felt as a result of it and all that we made it mean about our mother, life, ourselves, and You, Great Mother – please help us all to forgive each other and ourselves. Please and Thank You.

For any and all resentments any mother ever had against their child or children and for any and all resentments children held against their mothers, and for any feelings of guilt either of us had about feeling this way – please help us all forgive each other and release each other, unleashing our love onto one another, now and forever. Please and Thank You. Help us bless each other and ourselves. Let Your love flow freely into us and between us, now and always. Please and Thank You.

For all of the times any of us felt we had lost connection to You, Great Mother, Divine Spirit, and for our deep yearning to be actualized as a part of Your presence in our lives, for our longing for love from You, from each other, and with ourselves, please help us to forgive You, others, and ourselves.

Please and thank You.

Please and thank You.

Please and thank You.


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#Ancestral Clearing Prayer

Ancestral Clearing Prayer for Mother and their Children
A prayer for mothers and their children…please and thank You.

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