Ancestral Clearing Prayer for Overwhelm, Loss, and Powerlessness

This is an ancestral clearing prayer for overwhelm, loss, and powerlessness.

Oh Divine Creator, Holy Father, Infinite One, all that You are, for the full span of time, all realms, every aspect, all dimensions, and all incarnations – for us and all of our ancestors and our relations through all time:

For all of those times when we felt overwhelmed and buckled under the pressure, felt we lost Your grace and just couldn’t go on; for the times we pulled ourselves together even in the face of our greatest adversity and for the times we got snared up, hooked by, and caught up in the story of such adversity, never to move beyond it – please help us all to forgive each other and forgive ourselves. Please and thank You.

For the times we had to stand by and watch others falter, succumb to illness, and perish altogether, and for how powerless we felt as a result of having to watch, unable to do anything else but be a witness – please help us to forgive each other for whatever we held against anyone. Help us to forgive ourselves fully and completely, and help us to forgive You, Divine Creator, for any part we felt You played in any of this.

Help us to love one another and love ourselves. Thank You for loving us and bringing us such strength, even and especially in the midst of such grave and difficult circumstances. Please help us to find that deep and lasting peace that lives inside of us and help us to plumb the depths of the bottomless heart You made for each one of us and know the true nature of the love that lives inside of it. Help us to see one another and ourselves through Your eyes. Help us to truly and eternally love each other and ourselves.

Please and Thank You.

Please and thank You.

Please and thank You.


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#Ancestral Clearing Prayer

With gratitude to John Newton and Howard Wills for their leadership in evolving this work.

Ancestral Clearing Prayer for Overwhelm, Loss, and Powerlessness

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