Ancestral Clearing Prayer for Longing and All It Brings

I sensed into the place I feel inside when I think about this thing called ‘the longing’. As a general concept, it is well termed, a label for that feeling of want, emptiness, a void, a contraction of some sort, a feeling of something missing that seems to be just out of my reach, but is there if I could just grab onto it, or if am just able touch it, even if ever so briefly. It is enough for me to just sense into. Though I can speak to it in many ways, when all is said and done, or even way before all is said and done – my body knows exactly where this ‘longing’ lives and how it feels. I got still and put my attention on this feeling, sitting with it in the moment. I asked the Infinite for guidance and help in clearing any karmic burden around it. Then I waited little longer. I sensed that this is indeed an ancient feeling, even prehistoric and beyond back in time. I perceived that this may even be a part of me and all of us that resides locked deeply in the very center of our DNA. It holds a space for us to fill with connection – to the world, each other, to ourselves, and enlightens us to recognize the connection we already have to the Infinite. It presses us to fill our stomachs and pushes us to fill our many other appetites. And it holds a space for us to keep the very species going by sparking the urgent sense of want and longing we feel around the sexual part of us. But the trick as I see it is this: can I do the work to really discover what seems to be hidden there? Can I just sit quietly with this and not try and fill it, get rid of it, satisfy it, or effect it in any way? Can I just let it be what it is without judgment? Can I experience it directly and feel it for what it is in the moment? I felt so much around all of this, I stopped and asked the Infinite to help me with a prayer around it. Here is a piece of what came up:

Oh Infinite Creator, all that You are, whatever that is, please help me and all of my ancestors going back to the beginning of time itself – for the times we felt want and tried to fill it to no avail, for when we felt completely disconnected and isolated from the world, each other, and You, Infinite Creator, and for all the angst and negativity that arose because of the feelings – please help us all to forgive anyone who had anything to do with this, help them forgive us, and help us to forgive ourselves. Please and thank you. For the times we did something to make others feel isolated from the world, those in the community, from themselves, from you Infinite Creator, and for all of the negativity visited upon them by our hands, knowingly or unknowingly – please help all those affected forgive us, help us to forgive each other, and forgive ourselves. Please and thank you. For all of the times we went without, or took too much and as a result others went without; for the times we didn’t have enough and felt the longing all the time and were unable to deal with it and didn’t have the knowledge to understand the source of this feeling, and for all we made it mean about ourselves, each other, life, and You, Infinite Creator – please help us all release this burden and forgive ourselves, each other, and You, Infinite Creator. For all of the times we felt the longing but did not understand it, no matter how hard we tried, and we did everything we could to avoid it, get rid of it, do anything but simply acknowledge that we were feeling it and just presence ourselves to it without judgment, and for not knowing there was any other way to experience it – please help us all to release all that we carry around this and forgive anyone at all that was involved in how this showed up and played out in our lives, and help us all to forgive ourselves.  Please and thank you. Please and thank you. Please and thank you.

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With gratitude to John Newton for his call “The Longing Takes You Home” (from his Monday Call Series) and for his work and the work of Howard Wills in bringing forward this forgiveness work. And with gratitude to for the imageAncestral Clearing for Longing and All It Brings



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