Ancestral Clearing Prayer for Undying Souls

Here is an ancestral clearing prayer for undying souls.

There is so much letting go in this season. It quickens as we near the winter solstice. We have had a few days of winter’s chilly grip and some cold rains here, blessed and much needed moisture nourishing all that it touches, and the clouds have held us close through all of it. I love to sing. I do a fair amount of mantra chanting. Yesterday I felt uniquely compelled to spend the day and early evening chanting the Akaal mantra – a chant guiding souls from this realm to the next, to the Infinite. I felt such a longing yesterday. Chanting this mantra is said to help set the soul free from its earthly bounds, freeing the soul to reach the One who brought us here. I felt a longing arise from deep within as I chanted, and the longer I sang, it seemed to me, the deeper the place from which this desire sprung. I stopped late last night and sensed into the quiet of the moment. And this prayer came forward:

“Creator, all that You are, whatever that is, thank You for Your enduring eternal love. We love You. Please help us and all of our ancestors, through all time, space, every dimension, and all realms – for the lovers and loved ones we lost to You and for the grief and sadness we felt, for the missing, the longing, and the attachment we felt so tightly held to with these souls, and for the difficulty we had in letting them go – please help us all to forgive You, forgive them, forgive all the feeling about them, to forgive ourselves for all of it, and help them to forgive us.

Please and Thank You.

For the times when our loved ones left home and never returned, disappearing without a trace from our lives, and we never knew what happened; for the times we left our loved ones and never returned, without leaving a trace or so much as a goodbye – please help us all to forgive each other, release each other, and find peace with one another – in all lifetimes, moments, and realms. Please help us all to forgive one another and forgive ourselves.

Please and thank You.

For the times when we witnessed our loved ones slip their earthly bonds and transcend to the next world and we fought so hard to keep them here with us, and for how hard it was for us to learn this lesson of letting go, and for any hindrance our actions of holding on caused to them passing into the next realm – please help us to forgive them and ourselves; help us to release this burden, stay aware that we are firmly tethered in Your love and to love each other and ourselves.

Please and Thank You.


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Ancestral Clearing Prayer for Undying Souls and the Infinite Longing


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