Ancestral Clearing Prayer for the World in Turbulent Times

as seen in The Huffington Post:

Divine Spirit, all that You are, always were, and ever will be — for all of our ancestors, throughout all space, time, dimension, and all realms — we thank You for all of Your blessings You and for always giving us  Your love unconditionally. We bow to You in love and gratitude, and ask for Your grace and to shower Your love over this hurting world and help ease and heal us. Please and Thank You.

For all of the times of prejudice, ridicule, bullying, or oppression, and any and all violence that occurred as a result of it – please help us forgive all those involved, for all of it, and help us to forgive ourselves. Please and thank You.

For the times we resisted changes that were inevitable and for the suffering that ensued because of our resistance; for all of the times we held back and couldn’t or wouldn’t give in full measure or at all, please help us to forgive each other and ourselves. Please and thank You.

For the times we felt let down, and no matter what we did or which way we turned, we felt let down, by others, ourselves, life, and even You, Infinite Creator – help us all forgive everyone that had any part in any of this, forgive You for turning our backs on You, and help us to forgive ourselves. Please and thank You.

For the times we felt trapped, imprisoned, or had nowhere to turn for understanding, solace, or relief; for the times we were stubborn, fixed and rigid in our point of view, for the times we couldn’t see any other perspective but our own, for the times we suffered due to our own self-made limitations and beliefs, for the times we suffered due to the limitations and beliefs imposed on us by others, and for the times we imposed these onto others ourselves; for the times we lost our way, physically, or spiritually – please help us to all forgive one another, and help us all to forgive ourselves. Please and thank You.

Help us to find the clarity, strength, and courage to look deeply into ourselves and clean out and heal any and all feelings of hatred and prejudice that live within us. Help us to see one another and ourselves through the eyes of compassion. Help us keep us from getting lost in any sense of separation and to realize our connection to each other and to You, Divine Spirit. Please help us to remove judgment and allow us to be instruments for healing within ourselves and in the world. Please and thank You. Please surround us with Your light, protect us with Your love, and bring us Your sweet peace within ourselves and with one another. Now and forever.

Please and thank You.

Please and thank You.

Please and thank You.


Read more about ancestral clearing and how it can help you here.

#Ancestral Clearing Prayer

Help us to forgive and to heal. please and thank You.

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