Ancestral Healing for Matters of the Heart

Here is an ancestral healing for matters of the heart. May it serve you and your loved ones well.

Creator, Source of All That Is, Infinite One, Divine Mother, Holy Father – You are known by so many names, and You are One. We thank You for showering us with bountiful blessings. We ask humbly and gratefully for us and all our ancestors and all their relationships throughout all space, time, dimension, realms, timelines, and incarnations:

For any time we lost connection to You, each other, or ourselves physically, emotionally, spiritually, or in any other way; for all we made it mean, any unhealthy conclusions we drew because of it, and for all the let down because of it – we offer up the burdens of these issues or any other related issues to You. Please help us all to forgive and release one another and forgive and release ourselves.

Please and thank You.

For any unhealthy attachments, longing, feelings of neediness, codependency, obsession, jealousy, or feeling fearful of being abandoned, lost, or forgotten; for any time we repressed emotion for fear of being rejected; for any time we couldn’t believe anyone would want us without wanting something in return, and for any time we held a deep fear of being unloved – we offer up these blocks to love to You. Please help us release these burdens. Please fill us with the love that flows so freely from You to us – may we feel the strength of its current coursing through us.

Please and thank You.

For any time we felt the sting of rejection and reacted by not allowing others to get too close, armoring our hearts in the process; for all regret; for any time others were unable to receive our love, and for the times we weren’t able to receive love from others; for any time we were taken advantage of, and for any time we took advantage of others; for any time we questioned our self-worth or lost our sense of our worth altogether – we offer these up to You, Creator. Please help us all to forgive one another and forgive ourselves.

Please and thank You.

Please help us open to your endless field of love, transcend our fears, experience pleasure fully, and realize our connection with one another and You authentically and without reservation. Please help us live from the depths of compassion in gratitude and forgiveness. Please help us rediscover our sense of pure joy in connection with You and all beings as we continue on the soul’s path of evolution.

Please and thank You.

Please and thank You.

Please and thank You.


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With gratitude to Howard Wills and John Newton for their pioneering work in this field.

Ancestral healing for matters of the heart

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