Breaking the Cycle of Suffering: Elizabeth Kipp’s Trauma-Informed Approach to Wellness

Join Elizabeth Kipp with host Kaitie Entrikin for the Unveiling the Beast Podcast episode #S2E29, titled “Unveiling the Beast with Elizabeth Kipp.”  Elizabeth shares her insights on breaking the cycle of suffering through acknowledging and expressing emotions for physical and mental well-being. She also discusses her expertise in trauma-informed yoga and Ancestral Clearing to address chronic pain and trauma with compassion and understanding. Kaitie also opens up about her own experiences, creating a space for a heartfelt and empowering dialogue. Tune in and unveil the power of emotions, healing, and self-compassion in this transformative episode.

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📚 Timestamped overview

00:00 Breathing deeply helped Elizabeth navigate through overwhelming feelings.

06:18 Chronic pain is linked to prolonged stress response.

10:31 Meditation helps with chronic pain and disconnection.

12:08 Being disconnected from ourselves, controlling, breaking the cycle of suffering.

15:00 Healing takes time and various ways to unwind.

21:49 Deep dive into trauma, emotions, and grief.

25:51 Allow yourself to feel and love emotions.

29:47 Yoga class focuses on aligning body energy.

33:44 Balance exercise, trauma-informed, release intergenerational effects.

37:17 Unity, safety, and inclusion in a circle.

39:58 Different movements for different types of activities.

43:13 Kundalini yoga practice is energetic, healing, and meditative.

45:42 Ancestral Clearing and compassion are important.

❇️ Key topics and bullets

The Importance of Embracing and Expressing Emotions

  • Initial Resistance to Feeling Emotions
  • Elizabeth’s personal experience with resisting emotions and the impact on her well-being
  • Kaitie’s initial struggles with expressing emotions, specifically grief, guilt, and shame
  • Coping with Overwhelming Emotions
  • Coping mechanisms, including deep breathing and redirecting attention
  • Strategies for managing overwhelming feelings and emotions

The Connection Between Emotional and Physical Pain

  • Elizabeth’s perspective on the impact of emotional pain on physical healing
  • The cycle of suffering caused by chronic pain and emotional distress

Healing from Chronic Pain

  • Limitations of the Perspective of Western Medicine
  • Elizabeth Kipp’s viewpoint on the limitations of Western medicine in treating chronic pain
  • Personal experiences with medication and emotional suppression as factors in healing
  • Managing Chronic Pain and Mental Suffering
  • The role of gratitude and meditation in managing chronic pain and mental suffering
  • Kaitie’s experience with extreme physical pain and the mental hardship it caused
  • Gentle and Compassionate Healing Practices
  • An overview of trauma-informed yoga and its benefits for addressing chronic pain and trauma
  • The impact of trauma on an individual’s internal experience and the need for healing within safe relationships

Trauma-Informed Yoga and Emotional Well-Being

  • Principles of Trauma-Informed Yoga
  • Overview of trauma-informed yoga principles, including body alignment, energy release, and the importance of breath and posture
  • Elizabeth’s personal experience with traditional and trauma-informed yoga
  • Kundalini Yoga and Self-Compassion
  • The benefits of Kundalini yoga in balancing muscles, clearing negative thinking habits, and opening the heart to emotions
  • The importance of self-compassion learned through yoga and Ancestral Clearing

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Ancestral Clearing is a complementary energy healing modality pioneered by Howard Wills and further developed and taught by John Newton.

Breaking the Cycle of Suffering

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