Clearing Ancestral Burdens with Elizabeth Kipp

Elizabeth Kipp shares a process to clear ancestral burdens in this episode of The Deborah Peters Show.

The brain can’t  tell the difference between a broken leg and a broken heart. Familial patterns of restriction, negativity, pain and suffering, and a sense of powerlessness are more common than we realize. Since science is a study of probabilities, healing happens in the whole fiend where there is no ‘them’ – only us. Ancestral healing can happen quickly.

In this interview Deborah Peters interviews Elizabeth Kipp. a trained research scientist, and learn how to unburden your mind, your emotions, and your life!

Key takeaways in this episode “Clearing Ancestral Curses, Creating Freedom from the Past Programs,” are:

  • What is Quantum Physics?
  • Can ancestral curses bounces around or skip generations?
  • What is an addiction?
  • What are aggravations and how to overcome negative thinking
  • How starting your day with gratitude can help you win your day

Listen here.


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