Elizabeth Kipp, Health Practitioner, Testimonials

Here are the testimonials for Elizabeth Kipp, Health Practitioner, Chronic Pain Management Specialist, Addiction Recovery Coach, Ancestral Clearing Practitioner.

“I participated in Elizabeth’s Healing Chronic Pain Recovery Online Coaching program and I found it very informative. She has showed us a lot of ways how to calm down our overactive nervous system and showed us how to interact with our pain – how to be a neutral observer and how to really accept what is going on without resistance. She also responded very quickly to any questions I had about the programme or the book she wrote. I highly recommend this course. Thank you, Elizabeth!”

– Dr. Spela Krajnc, MD, Slovenia

I highly recommend Elizabeth Kipp’s service for Ancestral Clearing, and other much needed guidance with chronic pain (of any kind) and other key issues common in recovery. She is a spiritual healer (with a great science background). Incredibly gifted!

– Jill Rathburn, RN, Recovery Coach, Owner, Humble Warrior Women, Sarasota, FL


“Elizabeth is a GEM and the Ancestral Clearing process she engages in can create room for a TON of transformation (Can change be measured in weight? Because I feel “lighter”).  I highly recommend this to ANYONE considering.  Thanks Elizabeth Kipp!!”

– Julia Wagner, Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner, Lawrence, KS 


“Elizabeth Kipp is a dedicated, compassionate, and thorough coach. Her skill set is well-rounded and holistic in its approach. She has guided me through ancestral clearing and has inspired me in my journey. In addition, she is a friend and confidant. In Recovery, they say you can’t get it unless you give it away. Elizabeth has it because she gives it all to clients, colleagues, and friends. I am lucky to be in all three of those categories.”

– Michael Malamed, Recovery Coach & Yoga Teacher, Axis Recovery and Wellness, Montclair, NJ


“For anyone wondering about getting a session I have to say that Elizabeth is a very gifted guide in your healing journey. Her sessions are potent and transformative.”

– Genevieve Avalon, Montreal, Quebec


“It gives me great pleasure to have received that the gift you have blessed me with in Ancestral Clearing – I can’t say enough. Thank you again for you have removed the shackles that have weighted and bound me my entire 49 years. I’m forever blessed by you and this miracle.”

Bobbi Lee, Oxnard, CA


“I cannot say I was having panic attacks, but fear has definitely been a huge part of my life. It’s been a week since my clearing with Elizabeth. During and after I could not (even though I’ve always believed) believe the difference! Daily I am using the prayers and exercises she gave me when a wave come over me and each and every time, I sigh, give thanks to Creator and ancestors and then to Elizabeth. I am so grateful for her gifts and skills.”

– Bobbi Jo Connell, Kansas City, MO


“Doing this work with a Master in this modality went above and beyond in answering my call for help! After one session, I already feel like I’m vibrating at a higher frequency. And where I felt trapped and stuck, I’m actually seeing new approaches and ideas flow. Thank you!”

– Scarlet N., San Jose, CA


“I feel much more clear-minded, calmer, and I slept much better last night. I’m so grateful. Thank you, Elizabeth.”

– Jeri B., Overland Park, KS


“Thank you for the amazing session. I definitely feel lighter and freer since spending the time with you. I seem to have more energy now and don’t feel overwhelmed by the things I need to get through. Great gratitude for your kindness and skills.”

– C. F, England, UK


Elizabeth Kipp is a powerful facilitator of this work. I’ve experienced it and it’s amazing and very relevant for moving forward.”

– Lana Maree Haas, Cranial-Sacral & Thai Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, Southwind Health Collective, Lawrence, KS


“Elizabeth Kipp is great to do the Ancestral Clearing work with.”

— Anne Porteus, Petaluma, CA


“I could not of even began this part of my journey without you, Elizabeth Kipp, my recovery coach. Thank you for always standing beside me and loving me. You are a powerful force I’m so blessed to know.”

— Shine Joh, Alberta, Canada


“I am doing a follow up from my session with you, Elizabeth. It’s was very healing and grateful that I felt my divine feminine starting to return! So much of healing of things I wasn’t able to put into words that I was looking for in bits and pieces that I wanted to heal.  Thank you!”

— Sherry N., Minneapolis, Minnesota 


“My experience in working with Ms. Elizabeth Kipp on a healing and moving level has been extraordinary with immediate results.  We’ve worked to remove generational conditioning, blocks and negative thought patterns.  I have received great relief by including Ms. Kipp’s meditations and affirmations into my life and coaching work.  I received incredible instantaneous healing by working with Ms. Elizabeth Kipp.  On one particular occasion, I was experiencing “triggers” that were preventing me to focus and complete a major healing project, Ms. Kipp immediately was able to identify the source and help me to release it and move on to creating a fabulous work product.  She is responsive, committed, sincere, and determined to help others grow in all ways.  Ms. Kipp is not only one of those I turn to for support, she is a trusted friend and team member for many forums I support.  I can always feel her beautiful presence and the love she emits unconditionally.  I am so blessed to have her in my life.”

– Felicia F. Reed, Upper Marlboro, MD, Certified Spiritual Life Coach, www.putitinperspective.net


“Elizabeth is someone I met seeking speakers for my online summit, Discover Your Sanctuary; intended to connect listeners to their peace, purpose, and passion.  She was an excellent fit and I was blessed to have her contribution of wisdom and love and understanding.  Elizabeth is a woman connected to her peace, her passion, and her purpose and she shares it generously with the world.  If you are connected to her on Facebook, you are blessed with the depth and beauty of her poetry that will connect you to your soul and remind you who you are and inspire you to keep on.  If you are on her email list you will receive emails with depth and abundant tools to take excellent care of yourself, connect to yourself, love yourself, and live your best life.  She guides with great gentleness and clear power to point you in the direction of a good life.

Elizabeth has the experience of walking the journey and shares freely the wisdom she has earned along the way.  She has overcome chronic pain, she has done the hard work, she has so much practical knowledge to share.  Her heart is full of love and you will be glad you entered its embrace.   It will inspire you every time.”

– Kate Furnish, PT, MPT, Physical Therapist, Anthem, AZ


“Elizabeth Kipp is such an amazing woman and such a resource for inspiration to your fellow recovery family. She has taught me a lot.”

Michael Adams, Nurse, Lawrence, KS


“Thank you, Elizabeth for helping me in so many positive ways! I will never forget that amazing Ancestral Clearing group event and yoga class! :)”

Nicole Feinblatt-Matteo, Allentown, NJ


“Forgiveness is seriously the most liberating thing in the world. Thank you, Elizabeth.”

— Robyn Baker, Asteya Fitness, Costa Mesa, CA


“Elizabeth Kipp is someone that I have entrusted with my own healing journey. When you know that someone has done the work themselves, there is an implicit trust that they can help you, too. Elizabeth doesn’t just show up helping others. She guides through her own process of healing from chronic pain and compassionately, lovingly, and expertly assists you through your own. Elizabeth has done a few Ancestral Clearing sessions with me and she is able to connect right in. One is in very capable hands with her because her greatest gift and talent is helping you awaken to your own healing power and to me, that is true healing! Elizabeth is a force for good in our world and I would trust her with anything I’m going through.”

Shari Alyse, Author of the best-selling book “Love Yourself Happy: A Journey Back to You,” Sherman Oaks, CA


“Elizabeth Kipp is experienced in pain management. She is a bright shining light of hope and knowledge for many people.”

Stephen D., ACT, Australia


“Elizabeth Kipp has some of the most beautiful ethereal writings ever. She is just so beautiful with words and she delves deeply into chronic pain. Her book “The Way Through Chronic Pain: Tools to Reclaim Your Healing Power” will help millions.”

Kristy Spraggon, KirstyTV, Los Angeles, CA


“Wow! The students who participated in Elizabeth’s Trauma-Informed Kundalini Yoga workshops were so radiantly happy and energized when they came from the yoga room. She includes hand-outs which are full of helpful info, kriyas and meditations. I strongly encourage anyone who struggles with trauma and its after-effects to enroll in one of Elizabeth Kipp’s workshops.”

– Satinder Khalsa, Kundalini Yoga & Meditation, Kansas City, MO


“I very much appreciated and benefitted from my time with Elizabeth Kipp doing yoga and Ancestral Clearing!”

– Macha Greenleaf-Maple, Lawrence, KS


“What I find most interesting in working with Elizabeth Kipp is that we hardly talk about any issue I need working on. She just intuitively knows and somehow amazingly comes up with just the exact words that I am thinking in my mind and feeling in my body. She gets right to work and I receive the immediate benefit of being heard and understood, then feeling like burdens have been lifted and feeling healed in issues of my life that have plagued me for a long time.

My session with Elizabeth Kipp was one of the most healing of any kind – a real huge step in healing. A trauma that happened 50 years ago that has affected me all my life until now. Feeling so free and liberated. I am deeply grateful to Elizabeth and her healing gifts.”

– B.B., PTSD Trauma Counselor and EFT Practitioner, British Columbia, Canada


“THANK YOU, Elizabeth Kipp once again for your wonderful support and service. I feel so much better already. I have some amazing cleanse effects from my session with you, very easy and thorough, and somehow the fearful ‘unsafe ‘ energy has left me. My second chakra feels incredibly calm and all the pain and swellings are gone.”

– Sra Sra, Dusseldorf, Germany


“I have felt so peaceful after our session.”

– Catherine Just, Catherine Just Photography, Los Angeles, CA


“Thank you so much for the fabulous Ancestral Clearing session! I appreciate you. I also encourage others to look you up and consider booking a session for themselves to help move past those hidden blocks handed down to you by generations past.”

– Tina Thrussel, Calgary, Alberta, Canada


“I recommend Elizabeth Kipp. She’s the real deal.”

– Jennie Shultz Washburn, The Bungalow, Lawrence, KS


“Those few minutes you worked on me have been transformative. I have so much more confidence now and my ability to concentrate is much better. I am so thankful, so grateful. Bless you, Elizabeth.”

– Sara Lucas, Camberley, England


“I still feel easy and breezy after my Ancestral Clearing session with you, and if Cover Girls aren’t wearing a stitch of makeup of combed their hair yet, then I’m one of those, too! Thank you, Elizabeth Kipp!”

– Jamie Luminitsa Catherine Cura


“I had a profound ancestral clearing with Elizabeth Kipp this past weekend, and I am so deeply grateful for her wisdom, skill and guidance.

“I love referring my clients to other badass coaches that can empower them to grow. I send my clients to Elizabeth Kipp for her amazing ancestral clearings. I highly recommend working with her.”

– Andrea Coeur, Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment (GATE), http://www.unravelyourtruthwithlove.com


“I have known Elizabeth for more than 5 years now and she continues to outshine herself. When we first met, I learned of her background in science, her life’s journey and how it has led her to be the gentle, caring, and effective facilitator for healing and well-being I know today. I truly admire and take great care to say when you meet someone who has the science and spiritually pieces balanced, you will experience magic. (Please ask Elizabeth to share her powerful story once you connect, you will be blown away.) I have worked with Elizabeth from the vantage of The Wellness Universe and she is a wonderful writer, facilitator and more, but Elizabeth had a direct impact on my life as she facilitated me to calm within 2 minutes as I was having a complete breakdown triggered by PTSD due to an emergency landing I once experienced on a plane. She was in the middle of guiding a group I was in when an alarm went off triggering me into a complete, utter panic. I freaked out thinking that the ship we were on was going to sink. Elizabeth jumped into action! She came to me and guided me without hesitation of what to do. Her experience and grounded energy got me focused, relaxed and calm within 2 minutes. Yes, everyone in the room had their mouths hanging open with the look on their face “OMG! What just happened!?” Elizabeth truly knows and embodies all of her modalities and has the ability to effectively address a wide variety of stress reactions. It was nothing short of a miracle what Elizabeth did for me that day. I feel like she saved my life. I wholeheartedly recommend Elizabeth if you seek support in the fields of chronic pain, addiction recovery, Ancestral Clearing, and trauma-informed yoga. As it was my experience, please expect to feel ease and safe with her as a health facilitator. She is wonderful.”

Anna Pereira, The Wellness Universe, Founder


“Elizabeth Kipp is a wave maker and a soul sister and a provider of encouragement and hope and giver of joy and inspiration…and so much more than that, too!”

-A. K. Tremmel, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada


“I felt like a new person after Elizabeth Kipp’s Ancestral Clearing. Thank YOU, Elizabeth.”

– Carol Ullrich, Kansas City, MO


“I highly recommend Elizabeth Kipp’s Yoga for Recovery, Lawrence, Kansas. I do so because anything that Elizabeth Kipp does, she does with grace, compassion and loving kindness. I guarantee that you will have a beautiful, restorative experience when you experience yoga with Elizabeth.”

– Casey O’Brien, Teacher, Ontario, Canada


“Elizabeth holds space in the most loving way. Her skill, and guidance while holding such a divine space, allows her to be a wonderful ancestral clearing practitioner and very magical energy worker. For me, it really helps me “see” what I couldn’t have seen before, allowing for it to dissolve and for me to come to more of my wholeness. I treasure our work together, and am deeply grateful for how she has helped me on so many occasions and continues to do so. I highly recommend Elizabeth to anyone.”

– Dr. Charan Surdhar, Epigeneticist, GeneOm, Birmingham, England, UK


“Work with Elizabeth Kipp, one-on-one, for stress and chronic pain, or join her online community to learn about services, tools and support to free you from the suffering of chronic pain – a community supporting each other through healing and into health, joy, and happiness. Thank you, Elizabeth Kipp, for all the wonderful work you do in the world to alleviate suffering!”

– Chere Clark, Personal Coach, Possibility Coaching


“Thank you, Elizabeth Kipp, for being such an inspiration and mentor. I have learned so much from you. I just feel safe with you. That’s a big thing.”

– Christine Ann M., Brookfield Center, CT


“Elizabeth is a true person who speaks from the heart. Her strength is a gift to others! Thank you for being in my life.”

– Daphne March, St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada


“Elizabeth, I could not express in a million words the impact that day has had on my spirit and my mind and body. As I said I had no expectations…I didn’t know how many miracles were right in front of me, it was an experience of flowing in the Spirit and you were one of my beautiful guides to recognize and so freely give what I needed. It’s a day I’m certain I will think back to and talk about over and over again! Love to you, beautiful soul!

I wrote this shortly after my joint EFT and Ancestral Clearing Session with you. My gift to you.

Walking with Elizabeth

I drifted, lead to a place I’d never known.

A place of peace, of love, of infinite understanding.

She was my guide and I was at ease.

She cleared the way to my healing.

I stepped inside.

The skeptic in me left behind,

Trust and faith enveloped me.

We hovered there in this tranquil world, a hushed orb, barring the vibrations of her soul.

Her voice floating, reminding me of trees swaying in the wind.

I longed to stay there, lingering, pure serenity.

But in the core of me I knew I was to return, taking with me the magic of the energy, the healing I had found.”

— Dianna Robinson Curren, Spencer, N.Y.


“I have experienced dramatic life-changing shifts since my Ancestral Clearing with Elizabeth Kipp, not only physically, but mind, and soul.”
— Dianne Hastings, Nurse, Austin, Texas, USA


“Elizabeth Kipp is a master in the area of mindset training and applying it to help people heal from chronic pain.”

– Dr. Nicholas Jensen, Naturopath, Owner of Divine Elements-Naturopathic Family Wellness, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


“Elizabeth Kipp is the guru for healing chronic pain. She understands value of and knows how to apply a multi-therapeutic approach to get a wholistic amount of healing. She is an amazing light to the world.”

– Dr David Wardy, Doctor of Chiropractic, Wardy Wellness, El Paso, Texas


“Elizabeth Kipp is intuitive, empathic and she holds a safe compassionate space to release old wounds, not just from me but from ancestral routes. I experienced a profound phone session from her and came away feeling a tremendous relief of pressure off my shoulders. Having been a healer for most of my life and going to a multitude of practitioners myself, I tell you in no uncertain terms that Elizabeth Kipp is the real deal and highly recommend her to anyone at any time that is struggling with the things that hold them back from living a truly blessed life.”

– Ari Gronich, The Performance Therapist, Achieve Health USA


“I highly recommend Elizabeth Kipp!”

– Jenny Cleland, Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Sydney, Australia


“If you are looking for stress management or Ancestral Clearing help, look no further. Elizabeth Kipp is heart-centered, humble, intuitive, all integrity, with keen scientific background and can make you howl with laughter.”

– J. Sato, West Hollywood, CA


“I felt an enormous weight lifted from my shoulders, felt like it was very beneficial, and that I would eagerly book another appointment with Elizabeth Kipp.  So far I am definitely a very satisfied client and would recommend Elizabeth to anyone!”

– Justin W., Lawrence, KS


“I had an Ancestral Clearing session with Elizabeth Kipp and I do not have enough words to express my gratitude as well as awe, regarding what an incredible, therapeutic, and completely sooooo intuitively “on point” my entire session was! Elizabeth is so knowledgeable, kind, compassionate, and I knew exactly, during the entire session, how accurate she was, when pinpointing the issues ancestrally that she was clearing. With her excellent and expert guidance, before & during the session, I was able to feel the physical changes within my body. I’m also extremely grateful for the follow up information I received, that I could do myself to help the work and process continue, after my session. If you’re looking for answers for various issues in life that haven’t been resolving, regardless of how many things you’ve tried, I strongly and highly recommend working with Elizabeth to help clear past life karma, ancestral patterns, etc. You’ll be giving yourself the best gift you’ve ever received!! Thank you for all that you’ve really and truly helped me with, Elizabeth! <3 <3 <3”

– Lorilei Potvin, Medical Intuitive


“I am so grateful for an open mind and the willingness to jump at opportunities that can deepen my experiences and lighten my life. I had an amazing Ancestral Clearing session today with Elizabeth Kipp. Elizabeth provided the safe, sacred space for me to process whatever came up … uncomfortable feelings, past experiences, uncertainty. She allowed me to move at a pace that was comfortable for me and she honored every step of my healing. Her unconditional presence and reassurance encouraged me to keep healing, keep growing and keep letting go. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Elizabeth!”

– Lynn McLaughlin, Recovery Coach, Professional Training & Consulting at DandAlliance, Neenah, WI


“Thank you, Elizabeth Kipp! I am blessed to today with your beautiful guidance.”

– Marilyn Roe, Kansas City, MO


“Elizabeth Kipp, you are a master at helping others rise.”

– Dr. Monique E. Hunt, Spiritual Teacher and Ancestor StoryClearing Practitioner at Ancestors Wisdom School, Northern CA


“Elizabeth Kipp’s healing call last night was over the top! Grateful to have found her! I bow in gratitude! After being in pain for 3 days with a severe tooth ache, Elizabeth worked with me over the phone and woke up this morning with 95% of the pain gone. Feeling so blessed to have crossed paths with this very special woman.”

– Patti C., Orlando, FL


“Chronic pain is a huge problem in the world, and we need to reach out for help.  Elizabeth Kipp is a leader in helping people with chronic pain. Check her out.”

– Paul Noiles, Author, Founder at Paul Noiles Awakening/Recovery Coach, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada


“Thank you, Elizabeth Kipp! You have led the way for so many and you inspire me every day with the words you speak.”

– Sandy Magerkurth, Marble Falls, TX


“I had lots of trouble getting back to center after surgery. Being in such a vulnerable position brought up many childhood traumas. One session with Elizabeth Kipp and I was good again. I could feel the calm and breathe again! I could not thank her enough for her kindness and taking the time for me when I reached out!”

– Stacy Littledeer, Spirit Fire Art, Fredericksburg, VA


“Elizabeth Kipp is adept at seeing a person for who and where they are in that moment, effectively channeling the higher light and communicating profound insight – enough to unravel an inner and outer smile on any listener.”

– Supriya Desai Lay,  Acupuncturist, Brookyn Acupuncture by Supriya, Brooklyn, NY


“I’ve had the honor and privilege to speak with Elizabeth and this beautiful woman can help you! If you want to start your journey of healing, schedule a session with her now!”

– Leanne S., Jensen Beach, FL


“I have had the privilege of working with Elizabeth, so down to earth, and so real. The after-effects were healing and resulted in growing.”

– S. B., Laguna Beach, CA


“I have had the privilege to work with Elizabeth. I have encouraged many women on similar healing journeys to reach out to Elizabeth Kipp.”

– Lisa Henderson, Recovery Coach, Recovery Advocate at Southeast Florida Recovery Advocates, Vice President at Family Recovery Solutions Of Florida, Palm Beach, FL


“I found the session with Elizabeth Kipp to be enlightening and healing. Thank you so much, Elizabeth, for sharing your wisdom.”

– N. D., Los Angeles, CA


“I am stunned at how deeply and lovingly Elizabeth embraces all of herself and her clients, and consistently exhibits joy that can only come from the heart and a clear vision of what life is all about!”

~ Ilse-Lore Trunk, Feminine Power, Transformative Leadership Graduate, Detroit, MI


“What a great way to start the morning with yoga meditation. Thank you Elizabeth Kipp! I feel like something has awaken inside and I definitely feel inner peace! Namaste!”

-Yolanda Bucia, Lawrence, KS


“Oh Elizabeth Kipp, you have been and integral part of my recovery and healing! Thanks for all YOU have done “carry” me through the unbearable I’ve experienced the past two years with my sister’s discovery. Much gratitude and love🙏💗🙏💗🙏”

– Dianne H, Nurse, Port Arthur, TX


“The world wouldn’t be the same without you, Elizabeth Kipp, your journey and the re-ignition of you shining so brilliantly. There have been times your words would land deeply piercing my heart, massaging away the sense of isolation, separation and loneliness and so grateful for them and knowing I was not alone in my experience of recovery given your beautiful gift of expression! Thank you for choosing you, life, and the gift of connection with your written words and heartfelt, vulnerability. You are an inspiration! 🙌🏽💜🙌🏽”

– Diane S., San Anselmo, California


“Those who shine light from deep inside the soul of their healing on such deep levels on a path of recovery are I believe the chosen few – Elizabeth Kipp, your soul shines. I have great respect for you. Your light, your understanding, your nonjudgment. Wow! So much more. So grateful our souls met in this lifetime and your teachings have saved my life more than once. I cannot put into words how grateful I am that I found you… from across the oceans. I feel so much better now. <3 <3 <3”

– Tracy C., Watson, ACT, Australia


“I’ve done a few Ancestral Clearings with Elizabeth. Each time it peels away the layers and offers more room to go deeper into my healing.

The revelations that I feel during the session only scratch the surface of the revelations that come in the days and weeks to follow.

She connects into source and calls in forgiveness and healing with such precise intuition that it resonates down into the core of my being.

I look forward to digging deeper with each opportunity I have to work with her in this modality.”

– Harmony L., Lawrence, KS 


“Thank you so much, Elizabeth!  I THOROUGHLY enjoyed the entire process.  I feel much lighter after the Ancestral Clearing. I’m so grateful to have met you.”

– Karen Fu, Center for Health Alliance, Fresno, CA


“Elizabeth Kipp is an expert and author on trauma, chronic pain, and recovery. She is a generous and wise teacher who makes these big topics accessible and brings humor and levity to the experience.”

– Kirstin Gourlay, Recovery Coach, Program Facilitator at Miracles Asia Addiction Treatment Center, Phuket, Thailand


“I am so glad I found Elizabeth Kipp. Her gentle conversational approach put me at ease. By far the most generous of all the practitioners who I have experienced, she brings a wealth of experience, knowledge, and insight into her practice. After working with her, I have more energy to do the things I love to do.”

– Betti Magison, Philadelphia, PA


“I have followed and admired the work of Elizabeth Kipp for several years now.  I engaged Elizabeth to help me with some ancestral clearing work as I thought she might help me in my spiritual journey.  I have continued to work with her because she is so good at what she does.  Elizabeth’s work is extremely effective due to her thorough research of how to do it as well as a finely tuned intuition.  The result is powerful sessions with her where she uncovers hidden ancestral and personal issues and clears them from my energetic body.  I can feel the energetic movements powerfully during these sessions.

In addition, I have had some chronic pain issues for several decades.  As both a person in recovery from chronic pain and a student of hidden causes of it, Elizabeth is very effective at helping me to work with my chronic pain with non-traditional but productive solutions for it.

I am very grateful that I met Elizabeth and engaged her to help me.  I highly recommend her for anyone with chronic pain or desiring to clear out issues that seem to be stuck in your psyche.

– Tom Taylor. Dragonfly Rising, Chopra Center Certified Meditation Coach, RYT 200 Radiant Body Yoga, Addiction Recovery Coach


“The Ancestral Clearing session I had with Elizabeth Kipp was extremely helpful, and I know I experienced a lot of release. In the few days preceding my session, I had been feeling a heightened level of distress and agitation and by the time we had completed our work, all those feelings had dissolved. Since then, I have been feeling a sense of calm and peace.”

– E. C., Princeton, NJ


“Elizabeth Kipp has a very gentle and encompassing approach. There was a lot about chronic pain that she mentioned that I didn’t know.”

Laura Donnelly, Body-Brain-Business Balance,™Movement Fundamentals™ | Alexander Technique, Manhattan, KS


“Thank you, Elizabeth Kipp, for your significant work and contribution in the area of chronic pain. It’s an honor to know you.”

Joyce Lynn White, JoyceVentures.com


“I became aware of how much passion Elizabeth had for helping others find their own path to recovery in her social media posts and emails. It was not until September of 2019, when we both signed up for the R20 Yoga Informed Recovery Certification program that was to be held in Joshua Tree, California did we finally meet in person. We were able to spend quite a bit of quality time together during our ten-day training. Elizabeth and I have referred clients to one another and continue to hold meaningful conversations. Her path of discovery in recovery continues to influence my own as well as many other lives.  Elizabeth’s kundalini practice is wonderful in that she can tailor asanas to a person’s physical abilities.  She is very well versed in Kriya and the Yoga Sutras, which only enhance how she approaches her recovery coaching practice. Elizabeth is one of the many gifts I have realized, in this my third decade in recovery.”

Eric Perowsky, Addiction Recovery Coach, Kansas City, MO “A man of integrity on the path of discovery in recovery”


“Elizabeth Kipp is a beautiful loving gentle caring guide and I am beyond grateful for all the gifts that she brings and offers.”

Imelda Kenny, Massachusetts, USA


“I have much love and appreciation for the path Elizbeth Kipp has chosen and the love and healing she gifts to humanity. Thank you, Elizabeth, for caring enough to heal and then share your experience, strength, and hope.”

– June Greenlaw, New Brunswick, Canada


“The work we did, both sessions, we’re so powerful that I had an incredibly healing conversation with my mother this morning. And I had prayed that I would find peace with her and for some reason this morning I had the inclination to call her. And she shared some things with me that she hasn’t shared before, regarding her own mother’s death.

For the first time in many, many years, I feel like we heard each other and I was able to tell her that I love her and miss her.

I think that this happened as a result of the work we did. This work is really powerful and what you’re doing can change lives.

Thank you so much for sharing your gifts, heart, and expertise.”

– S.J., Honolulu, HI, USA


“Thank you for the Ancestral Clearing work you do. Sometimes there is an endless loop in my mind. I’m way better than before because of this work.”

– Kim Marie, Langley, B.C., Canada


“I have been in one of Elizabeth Kipp’s session and felt the power of her Ancestral Clearing work. If you feel like you might be carrying some trauma from your ancestors (and let me just say, we all are, to some extent), you might want to look into her work. Love you, Elizabeth. Thank you for doing what you do.”

– Heidi Hule, Gladstone, MO


“Thank you for the session. It was wonderful to feel and benefit from the heft and depth of your practice.”

– Kerry O’Keefe, Albuquerque, New Mexico

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