Heal Holistically with Ancestral Clearing®

Heal Holistically with Ancestral Clearing® – Interview with Chronic Pain Specialist and Ancestral Clearing Practitioner Elizabeth Kipp on The Root of Power Podcast with Amanda Chils. Can you be your own healer? Yes, and no. While you need an expert team around you, the bulk of the work is done by you. Incorporating holistic practices is the missing piece for many, and working through the mind, body, and spirit is in my wheelhouse.

Amanda and I discuss the limitations of the western medical model in dealing with chronic pain, addiction, and chronic conditions. I share my journey with addiction, healing, and clearing the effects of ancestral trauma, including walking the listeners through a short Ancestral Clearing® practice.

Listen here  https://open.spotify.com/episode/1R91ZitTdncO7ag6O69OR3?si=36b5644d1eb744f4

Heal Holistically with Elizabeth Kipp

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