This is my take on how to pray:

I hear comments like, “I don’t know how to pray” or “I wish I could pray like you” or “I don’t know what to say when I pray”. Maybe you grew up listening to religious leaders speaking intricately woven prayers. Maybe that is the only kind of praying you ever heard or were exposed to. I’m here to let you off the hook. Those prayers are awesome, but they are not the only prayers.

Here’s the deal. “Help” is a prayer. The bow, the act of surrendering to a power greater and more loving than you – is a prayer. “Thy will be done” is a prayer. Keep it simple. Keep it real. Allow it to arise from your depths, from your heart and soul. You will be heard…and your case is most assuredly under consideration. Pray in YOUR language, however that works for you. But pray. And then listen and watch – see what happens. You will be guided.


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