Life on Life’s Terms – Lesson from the Other Side

Here is my journal entry – Life on Life’s Terms – Lesson from the Other Side

Loss of a family member, mentor, lover, friend … well, it can be a searing experience. It can be a profound learning experience. It can be a powerful healing experience. Grief has its own palette of colors in human emotions.

I share a piece of my journey through grief. Perhaps it will resonate with you.

He says, “I am not like the ordinary world”.

“Well, you never were”, I reply.

“I live in another dimension now.”

“Yes, I experience you as a multidimensional being.”

Yet I remain a bit lost at your absence here on this plane.

I think of you everyday.

I cry.

My heart swells so fully as if it is trying to reach into that other dimension you’re in, so fierce is my hunger to connect again tangibly.

“It sounds to me like you’re not accepting what is.”

You used to say that to me when I came to you with some grievance about someone or something.

Of course, you were right.

I wasn’t.

You are right.

I’m not.

You continue to teach me from beyond the grave.

Your absence from here seems impossible to accept, try as I might.

I’ve given up trying to accept, for it is too much for my mind to fathom.

So, I sit quietly feeling.

Feeling my heart trying reach out and touch you.

I recall a few days since you transitioned when I saw you or heard you here …

for the briefest of moments…

when I wasn’t searching for you.

I saw a sure but fleeting glimpse of you in the eyes of another.

I heard your voice for a split second as another was beginning to speak.

The veil is so very thin between worlds.

I get it.

My heart is soothed in these moments.

I discover how attached I have become to this ordinary world.

I hear myself say, “If you are not here, you are gone. You are lost to me.”

You have taught me that my logic is much like an infant looking desperately for its mother who has momentarily walked out of its view.

It’s all about perspective.

And acceptance.

And feeling.

You are teaching me how multidimensional the human heart is, for its reach is infinite.

You are teaching me in a real and grounded way how you are a piece of the Infinite and always were and will be.

As we all are.

Thank you.

I love you.

Thank you for loving me.

Gently in love,


Life om life's terms



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