Here is a meditation on the heartbeat and silence:

The secret to music is in the silence between the notes. You are filled with the same hidden magic. You can listen to your heartbeat, which has its own message and lessons for you. The silence between your heartbeat is filled with messages and lessons all its own. Open your inner ears.

Sit quietly in stillness. Close down any and all distractions. Let your mind chatter go. For both hands, put your thumb and forefingers together and add some pressure. See if you can feel your pulse…your heartbeat. Sit and wait to allow your senses to check in with your heart. If you cannot sense your heartbeat through your fingers as they are pressed together, take your forefinger and place in the inside of your other wrist on the pulse point. Keep moving it until you have located where your pulse is readily felt.

Listen with your inner ears to your heartbeat as you sense the pressure increase as the heart pulses your blood into the wrist pulse point or between your two fingers. Meditate for a few minutes here. What do you notice as you sit in silent observation?

Then switch your attention to the space between heartbeats. Do you notice anything different?

My experience sitting in this kind of meditation is that it:

– teaches me to wait;

– reveals hidden voices, silent beckonings, in the ‘blank’ spaces between heartbeats;

– brings me deeply into a sense of my body;

– gives me appreciation for the heart, the breath, and the spaces between their rising and falling.

What do you notice? What are the lessons there for you?

Experience the moment. When we slow down from our busy lives and tune into our own body rhythms, we begin to find a steady, reliable peace that is always there for us. We need only listen to hear it.

Meditation Room Heartbeat

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