Ancestral Clearing Prayer for Peacemaking with Mother Earth

Here is an ancestral clearing prayer for peacemaking with Mother Earth.

Oh Creator, all that You are, for all of us and all of our relations, throughout our entire lineage, through all space, time and dimension, and for Mother Earth and the life of Mother Earth – for any and all of human greed, acting from selfishness, a sense of superiority and entitlement, acts of domination, mistreatment and disrespect of any and all life forms, and for the times we saw them as ‘less than’ or undeserving of our love, attention, compassion and respect; for the times we took without asking permission, showed disregard to Her, Her creatures, and life itself, took more than what we needed and discarded irreverently that which we considered and treated as useless; for the times we robbed Her or Her creatures of their life essence and didn’t give back in full, equal measure; for the times we were heavy-handed with Mother Earth, Her creatures and Her resources; for all of the times we ran rough-shod over Her and all that was part of Her and left destruction, chaos, and death in our wake; for all the times our communities, our homes, friends, families and our very lives were ravaged by the forces inherent in Mother Earth and Her creatures, and all that we made it mean about Mother Earth, each other, ourselves, life and even you, Creator – help us all forgive each other and forgive ourselves. Please and Thank you.  

Oh Creator of All That Is – for all of the times we were in any way out of balance with Mother Earth, all of Her life and Her resources – please help us all forgive each other, be forgiven, and forgive ourselves, fully and completely. Help us find our place within the Great Wheel of Life with grace, ease, and gratitude, for Mother Earth, each other, and for ourselves. Help us to hear, listen and heed the messages and lessons Mother Earth and the life within Her teach us in every moment. Help us to tread lightly on Mother Earth; help us to remember to touch Mother Earth and each other gently and with respect, compassion and love. Help us to understand that we do not merely live on Mother Earth, but live in and within Her. Transform us and fill us with Your love, help us love Mother Earth, love one another and love ourselves; help us bless and be at peace with Mother Earth, be at peace with each other and be at peace with ourselves – now and forever.

Please and Thank you.

Please and Thank you.

Please and Thank you.

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With gratitude to John Newton and Howard Wills for directing us into this work and to nisachar for the image

#Ancestral Clearing Prayer

A Prayer of Forgiveness and Peacemaking with Mother Earth


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