A Real View of Recovery – Mastering the Drop Podcast with Elizabeth Kipp

Mastering the Drop: A Real View of Recovery Podcast

Welcome to Episode #102 ‘Pain Unchained: Overcoming Addiction, Finding Joy.’

In this transformative podcast, Tricia Parido and her guest Elizabeth Kipp delve into a compelling journey of healing and triumph over long-term addictive prescriptions.

Join us as we explore stories of recovery,

shedding light on the challenges of dependence on opiates and benzodiazepines like Fentanyl and Ativan.

Our host and her guest share their personal experiences, discussing addiction recovery strategies, the path to liberation, and the pursuit of pure joy.

If you or your loved ones are seeking inspiration on the road to recovery from prescription drug dependence, this podcast is your guide.

Tune in to discover firsthand accounts of breaking free and embracing life’s boundless possibilities.

Together, let’s look at a real view of recovery and uncover the keys to unlocking a future of healing and unbridled happiness.

Listen HERE.

Here are the key points:

Introduction and welcome. (0:04)

Welcome back to mastering the drop and a real view of recovery with elizabeth kipp.
Behind the scenes of how many people have gone on a recovery journey.
Sharing and swapping stories helps people get to a place of joy and recovery.

Elizabeth was on prescription opiates and benzos for 31 years because that was the answer doctors had.

How to get off drugs? (4:22)

Peter Przekop, the pain doctor at the Betty Ford Center, knew how to help patients detox from the drugs Elizabeth had been taking and was the one who helped her.
The importance of asking the prescribing doctor for an exit plan.
The importance of being one’s own advocate before getting prescribed something for pain or anxiety.

Sticking it out in the face of adversity. (9:23)

Tommy Rosen was part of the early recovery process.
Her top three things she relied on during recovery.

Breathwork is critical for recovery. (14:36)

Breathwork is critical to avoid mental reels and loops that happen when benzodiazepines are removed, especially for generalized anxiety disorder.
Having people around you that understand you is important.
Elizabeth went into the pain management program with 40 years of chronic pain and walked out 52 days later with no pain.

It is possible to heal from chronic pain.

A Real View of Recovery

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