Realize Your Healing Power on the Radically Embodied Love Podcast

 Join Elizabeth Kipp as she helps you realize your healing power with cohosts Jessica Falcon and Nasrin Baric in the “Reclaim Your Healing Power” on the Radically Embody Love Podcast.”

Elizabeth has a profound story to share. Having battled with chronic pain herself for nearly four decades, she found liberation through an integrated mind-body approach by Dr. Peter Przekop. Now, she’s on a mission to help others heal without relying on medication and challenging the traditional medical framework of pain management.

In this episode, we talk about the intense connections between mind, body, and spirit and how pain, both physical and emotional, can be reframed as a transformative experience.

Elizabeth enlightens us on what it truly means to have chronic pain, how grief fits within this spectrum and the ways our bodies react to trauma by creating protective barriers around our hearts.

We discuss the pivotal moments that shifted Elizabeth from a place of victimhood to one of empowerment,

the power of mindfulness, and the significance of somatic work in calming the nervous system for true healing. Elizabeth generously shares her wisdom in Ancestral Clearing work, highlighting its scientific grounding and potential in healing collective trauma. We’ll also discover the incredible free gift she has in store for our listeners.

Join us as we explore the tender relationship with pain, the importance of sitting with it, and how we can move from fear to embody compassionate, unconditional love. We embrace the discussions on the energetic nature of our bodies, the necessity of breathwork in trauma release, and the role of love as the ultimate healing balm.

Explore insights into staying present with pain, developing self-observation, and fully inhabiting our bodies to unearth the boundless wisdom and joy within. So tune in as Elizabeth guides us through her journey, her teachings, and her belief in the harmonic coexistence of infinite and finite consciousness. It’s an episode filled with poignant lessons, and we hope it grants you the courage to reclaim your healing power and radically embody love in your life.


📚 Timestamped overview

00:00 40-year chronic pain journey ends with healing.

03:51 Opiates and Benzodiazepines hinder the healing process.

08:51 Embracing pain leads to inner transformation and healing.

12:21 Journey from unprotecting to opening, trust the inner wisdom

15:39 Being mindful changes reality; resistance creates more.

18:31 Acknowledging human experience, finding wisdom, seeking balance.

20:42 Healing process involves understanding and self-love.

26:01 Childhood trauma shapes us, addressing family story.

28:19 Realizing the importance of embodiment practices.

32:33 The body holds the subconscious, trauma, and energetic system.

36:24 Embracing cosmic and grounded approach to healing.

38:48 Evidence shows past trauma affecting present humanity.

43:36 Appreciation for insight, potential for a new paradigm.

45:20 Embrace challenges, trust the process, and apply lessons.

❇️ Key topics and bullets


  • Introduction to Elizabeth Kipp and her roles as a stress management and historical trauma specialist, author, and addiction recovery coach
  • Overview of her personal journey overcoming chronic pain

Elizabeth Kipp’s Philosophy on Healing and Trauma

  • Emphasis on the opportunity to create a new paradigm based on love and unity
  • The concept that one must go through pain for rebirth and the importance of leaning into and getting curious about it
  • Discussion of her book “The Way Through Chronic Pain: Tools to Reclaim Your Healing Power” and its philosophy of empowering healing without medication

The Nature of Chronic Pain

  • Definition and scope of chronic pain as a physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, and sexual phenomenon
  • Chronic pain’s ability to trigger changes in the brain and influence thought patterns
  • The phenomenon of armoring the heart as a reaction to trauma

Reclaiming Power and Understanding Pain

  • Elizabeth’s pivotal experience and the realization of the need to reclaim her power
  • The shift from victimhood to empowerment prompted by Dr. Peter Presskopf
  • The imperative of not judging the pain and considering it as information
  • Mindfulness is a means to be present with pain and recognize it as an experience, not an identity

The Process of Pain Healing – Realize Your Healing Power

  • Strategies to calm the nervous system and help it transition out of the stress response
  • The necessity of somatic work to release trauma without judgment or self-blame
  • Discussion on focusing on the body to access and release patterns of attachment and stored trauma

Incorporating Ancestral Clearing and Energetic Healing

  • The connection between the energetic nature of the body and trauma release
  • Elizabeth’s scientific backing of ancestral clearing for individual and collective trauma healing
  • Ancestral Clearing ad energetic healing can help you realize your healing power

The Role of Love in the Healing Journey

  • Jessica Falcon’s insights on love as a critical component of healing and wholeness
  • Experiences that illustrate the separation of oneself from one’s thoughts

Embracing Pain and Transforming Fear

  • Elizabeth’s developmental process involving trust and the balance between finite and infinite consciousness

The Importance of Bodily Awareness and Joy

  • Nas Baric’s personal experiences with yoga and emotional release
  • Elizabeth’s exploration of being fully in her body and the role of breath as a connector
  • Overcoming the fear of joy and the necessity for neural rewiring in response to relaxation and happiness

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Realize Your Healing Power on Radically Embody Love Podcast

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