Self-Care True Stories with Elizabeth Kipp

Self-Care True Stories with Guest Elizabeth Kipp: 40 Years to Healed!

Overcoming unimaginable challenges through self-care, transformational and wellness leaders from The Wellness Universe share their stories inspiring you to live your best life on Self-Care True Stories We look to mind, body, spirit, wellness leaders, gurus, and experts to light the way for us. Direct us. Guide us. What was their personal journey? Are they the real deal? What have they experienced in life that qualifies them to lead our way to our happiest, healthiest life? Meet Elizabeth Kipp, Chronic Pain Specialist, Addiction Recovery Coach, and Ancestral Clearing Practitioner, in this episode of Self-Care True Stories: 40 Years to Healed! Elizabeth suffered from chronic gut and back pain for over 40 years due to childhood physical and emotional abuse and healed from it. She now helps people who suffer from chronic pain to unleash their healing power and live beyond suffering. How did she do it? This conversation can change your life. Watch here.

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