Peace Pod for the Day

“…Yogi Bhajan said “start from where you are”. I remember thinking, “Where else are you going to start?” But as I listened, I began to understand the simple yet profound wisdom of his words.

Think about it. So often we start from where we expect to be, or from where we think we “should” be, or from where others think we should be, or from where we want to be. Seldom do we start right from where we actually are.

When we start from where we are, instead of leaping into the end point, we can more clearly identify our strengths, limitations, needs and resources. When we start from where we are, we can better assess what it takes to reach the destination.

And we become compassionate to ourselves. We stop expecting to reach a goal with insufficient resources and instead give ourselves what we need. We become self-compassion in action.”

Shanti Shanti Kaur Khalsa

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Start where you are.