Report From The Back 40 (Out & About Edition) – Blue Spirit, Costa Rica

Day 8~ The Afterglow:

I sit quietly after sadhana and a luxurious bath/shower combo here in Dallas on my way back to Lawrence, KS. Here are a few thoughts in the foreground of my mind:

1) I am still reeling from the realization that I climbed so many steps up the side of a mountain, (and repeatedly!) and then up yet so many more to reach Sky Hall for practice. This is such a great example of what Tommy Rosen brings to his #Recovery2.0 immersion experience. When I work in any program of Tommy’s, I always get stretched and challenged in new, expansive ways that I never even knew were possible for me. This is a core theme of Recovery 2.0 for me. And in this stretching and expanding, I gain yet more confidence to move in the world. I move beyond the “frequency of addiction” as Tommy so eloquently phrases it. I grow more of the new neural pathways in my brain to help heal those changes brought on by chronic pain and addiction. Bow and more bows to you, Tommy. “Thank you” seems to fall so far short of what I feel, but it will have to suffice.

2) I took showers in Costa Rica to the sound of howler monkeys and the feel of unheated water. An indescribable experience. My mind is still trying to wrap itself around that this happened and how wondrous it was. I have been a hot shower lover for years and just put the brakes on when the yogis suggested a cool water shower. Well, this was another unexpected yet delightful element of the full extent of what Tommy brought to us in this experience. When I went to take a hot shower this morning, I had to turn the temperature down a LOT to just a little warmer than my skin. And I finished turning it down even more. Now that is a shift all right. A note here, folks, these are areas quite outside of the classroom experience we got….but take my word for it….the classroom experience was so powerful!!!!

3) I have once again noticed something complete unexpected, but familiar that I experienced during my journey through the 21 Stages of Meditation with Gurucharan Khalsa ….another immersion that Tommy brought to his Recovery 2.0 students. I have felt things switch on deep within me that apparently had laid there latent and waiting for all my years, just waiting for the right stimulation to turn on. Wow, these practices are powerful, allowing me to tap deep into the core of Elizabeth Land. I have a number of spirit animals that accompany and advise me, along with various tree being spirits. I now realize that the spirit of the thousand-pedaled, ever-expanding Lotus Flower has been with me all along. Wahe Guru!

4) I left a part of my heart at Blue Spirit. Unquestionably. I have also left and received a piece of heart with and from each person in this immersion experience. I joyfully carry you each with me.

5) I go back to Lawrence elevated and expanded. I expect to stay this way. Tommy helped us explore the often felt ‘let down’ after a retreat experience. His guidance here was “don’t come down. Stay with your sadhana and these practices, stay on your recovery path and you will stay elevated.” What a concept. I will do all that I can to stay here and keep moving forward. If I ever feel that I am wavering, I will turn to the Lotus Flower Spirit and ask for guidance. I will chant and pray. I will turn to my community. What an incredibly rich life I am living! Please, my friends, come join me to chant from your heart and vibrate the strings of Cosmic Love.

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Sunrise sadhana in Sky Hall