Peace Pod for the Day

Life at the Surface

Firefly sparks

Slipping between white waters cresting

Edges as momentary waves

Hum in the hummingbird

Flick of fire

Bleat meow bark to a howl

Silent owl running wings spread in the night

Sound edges all, and then

Between the pulse of crickets and peepers

Sliding over and under a mobius

The surface edges are everywhere

once we awaken

water striders know the space

just at the edge of water’s edge

they zip along in Thinland –

that space atop the surface,

only an atom’s width

we may not know it,

but we live here, too

at that space atop the surface,

only an atom’s width

where breath meets alveoli

great energy exchanger

transformer, generator –

We live right at the surface

Life floods in with the inhale

and exits on the exhale

Our life is decided here

right at the surface

and between one atom and another,

we find infinity –

the quantum realm.

Surely this reveals

that we ourselves

hold the Infinite deep within us

hidden quietly right at the surface.

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Life lives on the surface…