It is here in force –

that insistent critical voice

rife with urgency

strident in guilt, shame, and pure frustration

turned inwards

with such a rampant searing flame

entrenched and mired in murky darkness

wrapping and entangling itself

into my very core.

Who is this visitor knocking

on the door of my heart?

Amorphous and unnamed,

furious from sitting unseen for so long

but fully felt, whether willingly or not –

it wants to break through the mire.

It longs for wholeness

where it laid interminably,

splintered and so alone,

aching for recognition and integration.

A long lost piece of myself

has come looking for me

prompting me to open my heart ever wider

and joyfully reclaim

another morsel of my inner world.

#InnerPeace4WorldPeace #AnswerTheKnock #PeacePod #ToolsForBetterLiving #kippinitreal

Answer the knock on your heart.

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