The Return
Years spent passing time
so unsettled in the now
jittery, sketchy,
passed right through the prime,
unnoticed, unwanted, and oblivious.
racing to a future misunderstood.
I tried to thin out the moment as it came
and slip through quickly if I could,
anywhere but here.
I jumped the moment,
like a stone skipping o’re a wave
or tried to slip by when it wasn’t looking.
My life left behind fades elusive,
spent, gone forever;
the future beckons,
tempting my imaginings to grab for more and more.
Today when I stop and listen,
I only hear that sweet soft breath ~
what a sound it is,
a treasure trove,
rich and healing;
birth on the inhale,
riding that prana wave,
then exhaling to let go.
Shiva’s busy at work
guiding me to surf the moment
in the belly of the now,
bringing me home to myself
again and again.
I have learned to sit quietly,
basking in my light and fire,
chanting, riding the Naam,
and drinking in that sweet nectar of the now.
Oh my sweet soul.
I have returned.
and found my Self waiting.
Hello eternal friend.
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Return t the pure light within

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