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SoulTreat: Ignite Your Life!

Sedona Creative Life Center, Sedona, AZ 

April 5-6, 2019 

Spend two full days with me and 11 other wellness experts from around the world and experience a wide array of healing modalities, along with my Ancestral Clearing work. This intimate retreat will help you release the ‘stuff’ you are holding onto that isn’t serving you. Then reset and reignite your life. This powerful event is hosted by The Wellness
Universe founders, Anna Pereira and Shari Alyse.

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The Safe Zone Reclaiming the Body Temple through Trauma-Informed Kundalini Yoga

THE SAFE ZONE: Reclaiming the Body Temple through Trauma-Informed Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga Kansas City, Kansas City, MO

March 30, 2019 | 1:00pm-4:00pm

This precisely named and focused workshop will study the causes and possible cures for those traumatic events which plague many people. We will cover the fundamentals of chronic stress and how Kundalini Yoga helps refocus energy to a more peaceful state. 

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Mantra Tap into the Healing Power of Your Voice A Kundalini Yoga & Ancestral Clearing Workshop

MANTRA Tap into the Healing Power of Your Voice – A Kundalini Yoga & Ancestral Clearing Workshop

The Energy Within, Overland Park, KS

March 2, 2019 | 10:00am-12:00pm

This event will include Ancestral Clearing and Kundalini Yoga kriyas and meditations as taught by Yogi Bhajan to help deepen participants ability to use their voice as the amazing healing tool it is. 

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The Breath of Life A Kundalini Yoga Mantra Workshop

The Breath of Life – A Kundalini Yoga Mantra Workshop

Lawrence, KS ~ February 10, 2019 | 1-4pm

Let the breath breathe you. Experience yourself as a unit and the Cosmos as unlimited. Feel that you are a part of that vastness.
We will be doing a kriya and us sit quietly in a chanted 62 minute “Breath of Life” meditation.

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Forgiveness Workshop

Forgiveness: The Workshop – Tools for Letting Go

Sat Tirath Ashram/ Kansas City, MO/April 21/1:00-5:00pm

Elizabeth Kipp (Puran Adesh Kaur) will offer a Forgiveness Workshop on April 21, from 1:00pm to 5:00pm at Kansas City Kundalini Yoga, Sat Tirath Ashram, 3525 Walnut St., Kansas City, MO 64111. This event will include Kundalini kriyas and meditations as taught by Yogi Bhajan to help deepen your ability to forgive and release the past. You will learn and practice specific mantras to help you let go of those things that no longer serve you. Read More 

Spirit X Retreat

Spirit X Retreat

Santa Cruz, CA ~ March 31 to April 04 2018

Elizabeth will lead group Ancestral Clearing and Mantra workshops at the Spirit X Retreat with Anandamali Nicola Ristic and the rest of his team.

Spirit X is Anandamali’s newest teaching on how to live spiritual life in the 21st century. It blends the best from the wisdom traditions with the best from the legacies of modern world.

This retreat will study how to utilize the richness Read More


Corey Poitier Interviews Elizabeth for “Conversations with Passion”

Radio/Podcast: Sunday, July 09, 12:30pm(PST)/2:30pm(CST)/3:30pm(EST)

Elizabeth’s interview with Corey Poitier in “Conversations with Passion about part of  her story and the work she does now around stress management and chronic pain. You can listen to the interview here.

Wellness Universe Inspired Session with Elizabeth

A FREE Facebook Live Online Interactive: Friday, July 07, 10:30am PST / 12:30pm CST / 1:30pm EST

Elizabeth’s interview with Shari Alyse and Anna Pereira, Founders of The Wellness Universe about her story (briefly) and the work she does now around stress management and chronic pain. With so much gratitude to Shari & Anna for making this interview possible and for being so supportive of Elizabeth and the work. You can watch it here.

Unleash Your Healing Power: Getting #Unstuck

A FREE Online #MasterClass :: Tuesday, June 20, 5pm PST / 7pm CST / 8pm EST

If you’ve ever felt trapped, or sometimes wished you were anywhere else but where you were, I would be honored if you let me help you shift from feeling stuck to creating momentum that will propel you forward into a life you love. Let me help you shift from feeling stuck, to creating momentum in your life to propel you forward. Tools and more offered.

Grab your spot and register for this Master Class by clicking here.

“Dare to Be Sober” Published!

Dare to Be Sober PUBLISHED!

I am so excited to share with you that we just published “Dare to be Sober,” a collaborative book of recovering addicts’ stories of courage, strength and the determination to change. My chapter is “My Addiction Story: We Can Heal from Chronic Pain”. Our mission is HOPE and the message that resounds loud and clear from each of these stories is that you can recover. Our wish is that you can believe recovery is possible in your life or the life of a loved one. Get your copy here.



Monday, February 27, 6:00pm – 7:30pm/Online and via telephone Workshop

Come join Elizabeth Kipp at the powerful workshop with Dr. Monique E. Hunt in Ancestor Wisdom School. We will explore and help you release the blocks that are keeping you from moving forward and saying ‘yes’ to new opportunities. A chronic pain specialist, Elizabeth will bring her stress management skills, including Ancestral Clearing to help each participant unleash their life’s potential. You will benefit from the workshop by:
– identifying where your blocks are
– looking at how what holds you back is serving you – and how it might not be
– learning to release burdens we carry from the past
– turn to your ancestors for support and guidance
– living a more fulfilled life free from the weight of carrying that which no longer serves you
Live what matters! Be your ancestors’ wildest dream! Registration is open now.

365 LIFE SHIFTS BOOK RELEASE: Pivotal Moments that Changed Everything

February 21, 2017

This book will contain 365 personal stories (from over 250 contributing authors) of life-changing moments – experiences that inspired, uplifted, shook us to our core, got us back on track (or onto a new track altogether), and led us toward our true selves.

It’s our hope that when someone picks up this book, they can flip to any page and find a true-life story that will provide insight, inspiration, and encouragement throughout their own life journey – offering a reawakened sense of awe and a renewed reverence for life itself.

It comes out on February 21st, and we’ll have tons of amazing bonus gifts that you’ll receive if you order it during our promotion, too.

Free Meditation ~ To make sure you’re notified immediately when it comes out, please sign up here. You’ll receive a free guided meditation!

We’re excited to share this book with you. So much love has gone into it, and we can’t wait for you to take all of that love into your heart when it comes out!


Sunday, February 19, 7:30pm CST / Online

Come join us as we open a window onto our fears around feeling. Learn some of the tools that were helpful to me as I faced my feelings and moved to the next level of my life. I now walk with confidence as I have taken my place in the lighthouse of empowered women. I am BEYOND thrilled to share these special tools with you and WBTN viewers during my interview with Felicia L. Reed. Here is a powerful sneak peek!

When Felicia and I get together, we get real and we go deep! View it here.





September 20–December 8, 2016 / Online / Elizabeth Workshop “Riding the Flow of Abundance” Nov. 29th

Awaken to Happiness Now: Reclaim Your Spirit is the 11th season of this powerful 12-week FREE global online summit hosted by Shefali Burns. Registration is open and the summit is in session now! Elizabeth will be  talking aboutthe art of “staying in the flow of abundance” during this event on November 29th from 2PM-3:30PM(CST).

Come and reclaim your spirit and awaken to your connection to The Divine within. When you register you will receive access to all of the summit interviews and the Happiness Kit to start you on your journey. To receive access to this extraordinary network of transformational leaders, teachers, and thinkers along with all of the outstanding bonus gifts, register here.



Diva Day 2016! is coming in November! Join Elizabeth live in Kimberton, Pennsylvannia and calm your inner tiger! It’s a full day of pampering fabulousness from reiki to massage, nails to hair, and so much more. Elizabeth will be there teaching EFT/Tapping thatis personalized for you. When your inner tiger feels scared and wants to run for the hills or erupt in a great roar, this tool helps bring ease and grace, calming and firmly grounding you. EFT/Tapping is portable, so take it with you and use it wherever and whenever you need it. 

Diva Day 2016 – November 6, 2016, 10AM-5Pm, Kimberton Firehouse, Kimberton, PA. 100% of the All-Day $100 ticket goes to the Chester County Fund For Women and Girls.



Sunday, February 19, 7:30pm CST / Online

This book contains 365 personal stories that prove that kindness is all around us! Over 250 contributing authors all around the world are part of it, including me! :).

This special book is filled with over 450 pages of such positive, loving energy, and we know that it’s going to be so uplifting for so many. The stories include receiving kindness from loving family, friends, teachers, co-workers, kids, pets, and perfect strangers. This book includes moments of everyday goodness plus stories of goodness from beyond. All the stories are intended to uplift, inspire, and remind you of just how good people truly are and how much more alike we are than we may have thought.

You can learn more about the book, View it here.



September 25–October 2  /  Caribbean Cruise + Workshops

Elizabeth will be teaching three different workshops over the duration of this cruise. The Social WOW Factor Cruise is unlike any event you’ve ever attended. Here you will find support and inspiration for socially responsible entrepreneurs, business owners and wellness professionals to take action for positive change in the world. Being with a group of like-minded people during this 7-night royal cruise will be a unique experience!



Sunday, Nov. 19, 8:30pm(EST)

Come join us as we open a window onto our fears around feeling. Learn some of the tools to help you tap into the flow of abundance and moved to the next level of your life. Walk through life with more ease when you ride of the wave of gratitude in your life. I am BEYOND thrilled to share these special tools with you and WBTN viewers during this Thanksgiving Special interview with Felicia L. Reed.
When Felicia and I get together, we get real and we go deep! View it here.




Book + Guided Meditation

I am a co-author in the upcoming book “365 Moments of Grace” – an anthology of 365 personal stories of grace, miracles, and transformations from beautiful souls all around the world to show how magical our world is and how connected we truly are. Please sign up to be notified when it releases. (You’ll receive a free guided meditation as a thank you!).

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