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Ancestral Clearing® is a transformative practice that helps you remove barriers stemming from your past and your lineage.

Ancestral Clearing® helps you release remnants of past and ancestral trauma that can influence your life in negative ways. It helps differentiate your own true voice from the many voices in and around you, make space to fell into and live your own ideas, your own dreams, your own heart, and ultimately experience the essence of who you truly are.

The past speaks to us in many ways. It speaks to us in resilience through the gift of DNA. It speaks to us in the rings of trees. It speaks to us in the silence of rocks, worn down by rains and winds. Wisdom passed down through the family, and old energies like the worry energy of mothers, grandmothers, and their mothers and grandmother. Unresolved traumas from the past hitch a ride on the DNA, too. It comes along as an energetic imprint felt in the body-mind-spirit, waiting for someone to clear it and erase its dark impression on the lineage.

As an Ancestral Clearing® Practitioner, I help people excavate unhealthy leavings of the past, like worry energy and unresolved transgenerational trauma. This work supports all other healing modalities and is used by doctors, nurses, therapists, spiritual healers, and many others. It is a simple process and only requires one to be willing and present to the process.

Schedule a 50-minute personal session with Elizabeth Kipp over the phone or online. Elizabeth will tailor your session to the specific issues coming up for you that are limiting you from living your best life.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ancestral Clearing®

We come into this life with ancestral markings that include those of unresolved issues from the past, like traumas from emotional heart ache, abandonment, and tragedies experienced through war and famine. Ancestral Clearing® helps us clear these burdens. This modality helps release the unhealthy pattern from your past and your family lineage.

An Ancestral Clearing® session can be dome in person, over the phone, or online either in a one-to-one session with a Practitioner or in a group setting. Distance is not a limiting factor in this modality.

Ancestral Clearing® helps:

  • Heal unresolved issue in your family lineage and in your past
  • You feel comfortable in your body
  • Eliminate self-sabotage
  • You trust your inner guidance
  • Empowers you to express your true voice
  • Resolves relationship issues
  • … and more

After just one session of Ancestral Clearing®, most clients report experiencing major relief in their area of primary concern. Because this work addresses the entire spectrum of negative content and burdens from a participant’s life and ancestral lineage, other results may inevitably appear – some immediately, while other continue to unfold over time. General ‘maintenance’ sessions are recommended for most people since there may be deeper ‘layers’ that need to be addressed. Also, most of us experience an accumulation of debris as we move through our daily life. These maintenance sessions may create resilience to future issues before they surface.