A Mind-Body Approach to Releasing Chronic Pain

A Mind-Body Approach to Releasing Chronic Pain

My healing journey was incredibly bolstered by learning a mind-body approach to releasing chronic pain and recovering from addiction.  This included becoming aware of the patterns we carry from our ancestors and the effect these had on me and all of us. I had a healing experience in a pain management program, I experienced the miracle of the Ancestral Clearing technique.

Chronic Pain and Unresolved Trauma

Chronic pain is a condition that affects many individuals. It can cause immense suffering and have a negative impact on quality of life. Any pain that is felt for 15 or more days out of 30 for at least three months is considered chronic. Often, chronic pain is a result of unresolved trauma. I share my experience of dealing with chronic pain for many years. My healing journey eventually led me to a pain management program. The program was designed by Dr. Peter Przekop to treat chronic pain with a mind-body approach.  The program incorporated practices like Qigong, meditation, and Ancestral Clearing by the wellness practitioner, John Newton.

The Mind-Body Connection

Dr. Przekop collected data on over 1000 of his patients. His program had a 94% success rate in treating chronic pain with his innovative mind-body approach to releasing chronic pain. Dr. Przekop understood the emotional and physiological changes the brain undergoes in chronic pain. These changes include a marked negative mindset, brain fog, and a stress response that is out of balance. Opioid medication and anxiety medicine do not heal these changes in the brain.

Ancestral Clearing for Healing

Ancestral Clearing is a complementary healing modality that helps people release the negative imprints from the past.

While there is no scientific study on ancestral clearing specifically.  However, research shows epigenetic changes in cortisol levels in subsequent generations due to stressful experiences.

The Importance of Forgiveness

I emphasize the importance of forgiving all family members, including those who may be hidden, secret, foster, or adopted. Seek forgiveness and to help others forgive as well. The intention here is for the highest good for everyone involved directly or indirectly. Release any negativity or burdens.

Spiritual Healing and Recovery

I suffered from the disconnection associated with addiction and finding a new way to live. I denied my addictive behvaviors, but eventually reached a “sacred bottom” where I could tell the truth and realized my current strategy was not working.

Dr. Przekop’s pain management program offered such powerful healing tools and I was surprised to learn that there were alternatives to drugs for managing addiction. Dr. Przekop used a mind-body approach to releasing chronic pain.

I am now in long-term recovery from prescription medications and have found a way to live without suffering.

In Conclusion

My story is a testament to the power of a holistic approach to healing. Chronic pain can be debilitating, but through practices like Qigong, meditation, and Ancestral Clearing, individuals can find relief and peace. Forgiveness is a significant part of this process, as it allows individuals to release negativity and burdens, paving the way for empowerment and transformation into love.

Furthermore, these insights on addiction and recovery show that it is possible to find alternatives to medication. By looking at ourselves in the context of culture and time, we can gain a deeper understanding of what has led to our pain and seek out tools for healing that integrate spiritual, emotional, and physical practices.

Ultimately, my healing journey and these practices  serve as a reminder that we can all find healing and empowerment despite the challenges we face.



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