The Giant Builders Podcast Interview with Elizabeth Kipp

Elizabeth Kipp sat down with Lois Wyant for an interview on The Giant Builders Podcast in this episode, “A Way Through Chronic Pain.” You can listen here:

Elizabeth shares her story of living with and healing from chronic pain and the tools she discovered along the way. After over forty years of suffering from chronic pain, Elizabeth entered a chronic pain management program headed by Dr. Peter Przekop. She experienced a number of modalities that helped her heal, including Ancestral Clearing, meditation, Qi Gong, and trauma therapy.

Here are some of the highlights of The Giant Builders Podcast interview with Elizabeth Kipp

00:00 Elizabeth’s story

02:11 Book: Conquer Chronic Pain: An Innovative Mind-Body Approach by Peter Przekop, DO, Ph.D.

02:37 Book: The Way Through Chronic Pain: Tools to Reclaim Your Healing Power

04:19 The Process

09:40 How did we get a hold of the energy?

13:02 Is everyone’s experience different?

16:49 A first meeting experience

17:45 Moving meditation to calm the mind and nervous system

20:33 Defining chronic pain

22:35 Ancestral Clearing details

26:24 The present moment

27:28 Example of Ancestral Clearing

31:28 Online chronic pain course

Way through Chronic Pain: The Giant Builders Interview with Elizabeth Kipp

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