Activating Trauma-Informed Healing from Within with Elizabeth Kipp on The Healthy Healer Podcast

Elizabeth Kipp joins Dr. Fred Moss in Activating Trauma-Informed Healing from Within on The Healthy Healer Podcast.

Here are a few key takeaways from the conversation:

Elizabeth had near-death experiences that helped expand her awareness beyond the limitations of the ego/personality self. This grounded her in the distinction between her eternal essence and her temporal personality.

In chronic pain, identifying with the pain kept her stuck. Realizing she was not her pain allowed more consciousness and healing.

As a pain/stress coach, she helps guide people to their own inner healing rather than relying solely on outer modalities or practitioners.

Trauma-informed yoga adapts poses and breathing to make people feel physically and emotionally safe, which is crucial for activating trauma-informed healing.

Ancestral clearing uses energy practices to release inherited patterns and information that no longer serves. It works epigenetically.

The most profound healer lies within each of us. Connecting to this inner wisdom is the key. – Her book “The Way Through Chronic Pain” offers tools to reclaim one’s power amidst suffering. It’s available on her website and Amazon.

She offers ancestral clearing, trauma-informed yoga, coaching for pain/stress, and other resources to foster healing.

Here are the bullet points of the episode:

Elizabeth Kipp’s role as a coach specialized in supporting patients who have undergone pain management programs or physical therapy.

Elizabeth’s expertise in areas such as meditation and overcoming blocks or obstacles

Personal experience with their own blocks, making their coaching approach relatable to patients

The Observing Part of Us

Viewing the observing part from a yogic perspective, as opposed to a scientific one.

Describing the observing part as living within and beyond time and as a constant and steadying force

Two Versions of Elizabeth

Grounded version in the 3rd dimension and a yogic or cosmic, or multidimensional version.

The second version dealing with life from an eternal standpoint where eternity or infinity are considered real notions of reality

Dr. Fred’s exploration and explanation of this concept, questioning its alignment with Elizabeth’s awareness

Grounding and Near-Death Experiences 

Elizabeth’s grounding as a physical experience and its significance

Mentioning three near-death experiences but not marketing herself based on those experiences

The experiences taking Elizabeth into a different realm beyond the three-dimensional world

Limitations of the Brain and Diverse Background 

Acknowledging the limitations of the brain as a sensory organ 

Elizabeth’s diverse background in plant sciences, agriculture, ecology, environmental studies, and remote sensing.

Applied research in remote sensing from 1979 to 1982 – From Lawrence, Kansas

Comparison of Plant Sciences and Plant Medicine Journeys 

Expanded awareness of the three-dimensional world through an experience 

Recognizing the limitations of the three-dimensional experience and the brain 

Elizabeth’s study of neurophysiology and search for answers as a student of science

Elizabeth’s Healing Journey 

Acting under conditioning and becoming identified with pain 

Overwhelming experience of the nervous system and imbalanced stress response 

The realization that she is not her pain, but rather having an experience of pain as a turning point in her healing process 

Elizabeth – the greatest healer within 

Elizabeth’s work with Ancestral Clearing 

The role of yoga, trauma-informed yoga, Qigong, and EFT tapping in trauma healing

The connection between Elizabeth’s near-death experiences and understanding of her multidimensional being

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