Ancestral Clearing with Elizabeth Kipp on Ancient Healing Modern World Podcast

Casey Joti features Elizabeth Kipp on Episode #20: “Ancestral Clearing with Elizabeth Kipp” on January 5, 2021.


Today on the show I had with me Elizabeth Kipp. A Scientist, Stress and Chronic Pain Specialist, Yoga Teacher and best selling author of “The Way Through Chronic Pain: Tools to Reclaim Your Healing Power’’.
Elizabeth uses Ancestral Clearing to help heal addiction, unresolved trauma, chronic pain and much more.
In this episode we talk about the ins and outs of chronic pain. If you’re like me and have tied the words chronic pain to being in agony or very physical pain on a daily basis, this episode will reveal that it is much deeper than that. Chronic pain can be subtle, and once we tune into it, we realize it’s been there a long time.

We talked about:

  • how to heal from chronic pain,
  • how the body wants to heal,
  • taking responsibility for our own healing,
  • how we come into this world with the gifts and burdens of our ancestors,
  • and so much more!

Listen all the way to the end for a short ancestral clearing experience!

Elizabeth offers Ancestral Clearing Sessions. You can book with her below!
Connect with Elizabeth:



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Casey is an Ancient Soul, Ayurvedic Consultant, Yoga Teacher, and Mama of 2 Kids. She blends and studies many different healing arts forms and currently her deepest work is connecting ancient practices with the Human Experience.

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Ancestral Clearing with Elizabeth Kipp on Ancient Healing Modern World Podcast

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