Chronic Pain Management & Addiction Recovery: Elizabeth Kipp on Create a New Tomorrow Podcast

Ari Gronich presents Elizabeth Kipp in Episode #16 on CreateANewTomorrow Podcast.

Elizabeth Kipp on Create A New Tomorrow Podcast – Episode #16

Today we are here with Elizabeth Kipp, who is an author. She is a health facilitator regarding, you know, stress, chronic pain management, addiction recovery, meditation, yoga, ancestral clearing. I mean, she is so well versed in healing arts. She also has a Bachelor of Science degree. So, it’s not just the woo-woo that she does. She did. She incorporates and integrates both sides to take people from their painful lives and help them. So, she has written a book called The Way Through Chronic Pain Tools to Reclaim Your Healing Power. Sept. 25, 2020.

Episode Highlights

Elizabeth [00:02:55] Specializing in chronic pain. I’m really focused all on all the things I do are focused on the chronic pain audience. There’s a lot of us and most of us don’t know even what that is. They don’t we don’t realize we have chronic pain, but we do.

Ari [00:13:02] We’re getting agreed. OK. We’re getting agreement. Good. So now imagine that that heat is producing an inflammatory response, which is then causing your nervous system to go huh. Something’s going on here. What’s going on? I better send some signals to some brain chemistry to start sending things to check that out. Immune response. All of a sudden, the immune response goes. There is some heat here, we got to cool this down. Let’s do our thing to heal whatever’s going on. So I’m bringing attention to a body part that has an issue, whether you knew about the issue or not. And now that heat is causing an inflammatory and a chemical response in the area. And this is how I began the process of bridging the gaps between science and science, medicine and woo woo alternative and a great breakdown.

Elizabeth [00:17:21] And there were 20 of us in the room to some just say you says, what are you doing to cause your pain? What are you doing to contribute to your pain? What are you doing? To contribute to the pain is how you put it. And that’s what I said.

Elizabeth [00:20:58] I went and had the train, first training I could get to, and I became its ancestral clean plantation practitioner right out as fast as I could because it was so powerful. It was amazing, you know. Yeah. So words are powerful. Prayer is powerful. It’s very specific. And and I could get into it, you know, on another time. But I do teach this stuff now, and it’s amazing.

Ari [00:21:22] Absolutely. You know, one of the things that as a therapist that I studied a lot of is somatic responses to trauma and how the emotional trauma is stored in the body.

Ari [00:21:43] And I do a lot of work with. Emotional release through somatic trauma. So somatic therapy, so, you know, I know that you do as well.

Elizabeth [00:29:20] Oh, we have to do the work. Ari. We have to do our own work on it. I don’t just do the work. I’m in the work. I do the work.

Ari [00:29:29] So this is, you know, for for other practitioners. And, you know, even if you’re a person who has a family member or a friend who is going through stuff for the trauma, the trauma that the person who holds the trauma.

Ari [00:43:31] Yeah. No, absolutely. I’m a science geek. You’ll you’ll find me in a corner for fifteen hours researching scientific papers because I started with one and I said, oh, I don’t understand this part. Let me go look at that. I don’t understand this part. Let me go look at that. Oh, I don’t understand this. Let me go look at it versus gone by and I don’t know where I am or who I am or what I’ve done. All I know is I’m filled with all this new information that I could then take and put to the side and use for some really awesome podcast conversation.

Chronic Pain Management & Addiction Recovery

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