I heard a friend say, “I should just get over it…”
I disagree.
I’m not saying that my friend doesn’t have work to do on the issue she refers to.
I’m saying that so long as we keep telling ourselves that we “should be” some other way, we are bypassing the present.
We are missing the real issue at hand.
In this case, what’s front and center is a ferocious inner critic on steroids hell-bent on negative self-judgment.
It’s what we tend to do in the absence of a more conscious plan.
Can we just meet ourselves right where we are and accept ourselves here?
Herein lies a sweet self-love practice
… which can eventually, and gently, lead us to shifting ourselves into a healthier behavior in the future.
But it starts here in the present, where we are, not there in the future where we wish we were.
Before we can “get over it”, we need to deal with “it”… right here, and then we can move forward.
To do otherwise is a recipe for suffering.
Unleash your healing power.
Come into the present moment and meet yourself.
You’re beautiful just the way you are.
Breathe and rest easy.
Be gentle with yourself as you find your way through this moment in your life.


Get Over It - For Real

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