Healing from the Chronic Pain & Anxiety of Betrayal

Dr. Debi Silber presents Elizabeth Kipp on “Healing from the Chronic Pain and Anxiety of Betrayal” on From Betrayal to Breakthrough Podcast: Episode 63. June 03, 2019


Have you ever considered that your chronic pain may be connected to an unhealed betrayal? It may sound strange, but the link between our emotional pain and physical pain is undeniable and can be strong enough to manifest into illness and disease when left untreated.

Elizabeth Kipp overcame addiction, familial abuse, and chronic health issues before realizing that the source of her pain was from childhood betrayal that she had forced herself to forget about. By acknowledging this trauma and using both spiritual and scientific methods she was able to relieve her pain and realize her inherent healing power and is here to share this knowledge with you today.

A best selling author, EFT Tapping Practitioner, Ancestral Clearing Practitioner and Stress and Chronic Pain Management Coach, Elizabeth is proof that if she can heal from her past betrayals, anyone can. Elizabeth believes in navigating and clearing your familial lineage, forgiving yourself and one another through higher power energy, and learning about the gifts and burdens of our ancestors to heal the silent global epidemic of chronic pain.

Are you ready to create a deeper connection with the spiritual world to understand where you have been and create a healing and productive space to move forward into? Share how Elizabeth’s story of betrayal and strength through adversity inspired you in the comments on the episode page!

In This Episode

  • Ways to heal your emotions while also relieving your chronic physical pain
  • How to clear your body of the ancestral trauma you have carried into this realm
  • Retraining the brain and the nervous system to work on building a new neural network
  • Changes you can expect to see once you embrace meditation and Kundalini yoga
  • Receive an ancestral forgiveness prayer to release your feelings of betrayal


“There was just a lot of looking away, and that’s what the culture did, that’s the way that the culture I grew up in operated.” (6:39)

“I was at what you would call a ‘sacred bottom’, where I had had enough, and I cried for help and I got it.” (9:18)

“Anything that brings you into the present moment and helps you stay there, and dropping out of being attached to all these thoughts and dropping into the breath in the body, anything that does that is going to help.” (16:11)

“We come into the world with the gifts and the burdens of our ancestors… and ancestral clearing is a way to help us release some of that burden.” (23:10)

“I would like you to know that you can heal from chronic pain, and you can certainly heal from the pain of betrayal, it is not a life sentence.” (28:07)

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