Holistic Recovery with Elizabeth Kipp

Elizabeth Kipp speaks about holistic recovery with Joseph Gorordo, LCDC and Jason Cabello on Recovery Unplugged, Talksicology: Holistic Recovery and Addressing Trauma (Episode 4). They discuss holistic wellness and how it impacts one’s recovery.

Elizabeth shares about her journey with chronic pain, addiction, and her healing journey into recovery. There is also a discussion of

  • the role of trauma in people with addiction and recovering from it.
  • the use of opiates in chronic pain
  • how addiction isolates us and why we need community as part of our recovery
  • how one goes from trauma to addiction
  • what holistic recovery looks like


Recovery Unplugged airs every Thursday at 7 PM CST for candid and in-depth conversations about addiction and recovery. They explore every aspect of the addiction conversation with members of the recovery community, clinicians, loved ones, prevention advocates, and other passionate voices.

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