Check out Elizabeth Kipp‘s interview in Episode 373, “How Betrayal Impacts the Chakras,” of the From Betrayal to Breakthrough Podcast with Dr. Debi Silber.

Drawing from her expertise in trauma-informed yoga and addiction recovery, Elizabeth explains the effects of betrayal on each of the seven chakras. She also shares actionable practices to clear energy blocks and help you rediscover self-trust and connection.

In this episode, Debi and Elizabeth explore the intense journey of moving through the stages of healing from betrayal.

Intuitive trust and a rebalanced energy system lead to transformational growth. Elizabeth and Debi discuss the importance of stepping out of your comfort zone as a necessary ingredient for healing. They cover the concept of “hard now, easy later” and how holistic healing involves addressing emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects. Elizabeth’s personal journey of overcoming over 40 years of chronic pain and addiction provides a powerful testament to the resilience of the human spirit.

Join them as they delve into the five stages of betrayal, how betrayal impacts the chakras, and how to heal betrayal trauma.

They also share some specific yoga practices and sound exercises to help you on your healing path. Plus, learn about Elizabeth’s transformative work with The PBT Institute.  They explain how you can access additional resources within The PBT Institute community. If you’re ready to take the brave step towards healing and personal growth, this episode is an absolute must-listen.



How Betrayal Impacts the Chakras

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