How to Heal Generational Trauma with Elizabeth Kipp

Generational trauma plagues each and every one of us to some degree.

Not only through the hurtful patterns passed down to us from our parents, grandparents, and further but also through our DNA as a result of collective traumas experienced by whole peoples.

In this episode “How to Heal Generational Trauma through Ancestral Clearing with Elizabeth Kipp,” on the Align, Vibe, Flow Podcast with host, Savannah Blake, Elizabeth Kipp shows us how to heal generational trauma and walks us through a practice called Ancestral Clearing.


Beginning – 5:01

Ancestral Clearing was pioneered by Howard Wills and further developed and taught by John Newton.

Trauma-informed yoga.

The effects of intergenerational trauma.

Science is catching up to what we would refer to as generational “curses” and showing that the trauma of our ancestors has a measurable effect on our DNA and how we’re able to interact with our world.

Neuroplasticity – Even if you are preprogrammed with traits and challenges doesn’t mean you’re stuck with them forever. You can rewire your connections to a more favorable outcome. The nervous system is highly adaptable.

5:01 – 10:44

Quantum physics tells us that we can access past, present, and future all at once.

We’re all connected.

Yoga is now in the present moment.

Our ancestors are with us at all times.

The mantra “Wahe Guru” which translates to “Wow! The teacher that takes us from darkness to light.” Chant it while scooping the hands over the head as if splashing water over the head. This helps us release the past and clears the aura.

We can block our intuition due to fear of being crazy or “woo-woo.”

10:44 – 20:34

Quantum physics helped us bridge the gap between science and spirituality.

We get stuck on the words and the numbers when the truth is that the more we learn and find out, the more we have no idea how anything works.

Anxiety – It’s not always from overthinking or trauma-based.

Yoga helps bring balance back into the mind and body.

20:34 – 25:21

The eight limbs of yoga.

Samskara means the habits or patterns we develop.

We avoid labeling things as “good” or “bad.”

We use the word “forgive” to mean “to release that which no longer serves.”

Breaking down mantras and seed (bij) sounds. Some don’t necessarily mean anything. They’re just sounds you sit with in order to experience the vibrational energy.

25:21 – 26:55

Healing the betrayal wound.

Activating the vagus nerve.

26:55 – 33:59


33:59 – 37:35

Ancestral clearing for pets, land, and home.

How to heal generational trauma.

We don’t have the science yet, but the difference is noticeable, and people who experience the Ancestral Clearing process report that they feel it.

37:35 – 42:14

The power of presence.

42:14 – End

You can’t protect and connect at the same time.


Chronic pain and not fighting it.

Feeling whatever sensation you are experiencing, including pain.

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