Hypervigilance & 40 Years of Chronic Pain with Elizabeth Kipp

In this episode “Hypervigilance & 40 Years of Chronic Pain: Special Guest Elizabeth Kipp” on Flip the Script with Emma Chasse, we are diving head first into trauma and chronic pain. How does Trauma show up in our lives when we least expect it, and how can we identify the warning signs? How does unhealed trauma manifest itself as self sabotage, lack of ambition, fear of failure and success! What is chronic pain and can we heal from it? Let’s find out!

What is Hypervigilance?

Hypervigilance is when the nervous system is inaccurately filtering sensory information and the individual is in an enhanced state of sensory sensitivity. This appears to be linked to a dysregulated nervous system which can often be caused by traumatic events or PTSD. People suffering from hypervigilance may become preoccupied with scanning their environment for possible threats. They might ‘overreact’ to loud and unexpected noises or become agitated in highly crowded or noisy environments. They will often have a difficult time getting to sleep or staying asleep.

Trauma is far from linear and can manifest itself in so many ways. Here is Elizabeth’s story.

Elizabeth Kipp shares her journey through over 40years of chronic pain and the hypervigilance that developed because of it. She shares her healing journey with the audience in this powerful episode.

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