Introducing Real Voices Living Beyond Chronic Pain Series

I created Real Voices Living Beyond Chronic Pain as a platform where people could share their success stories about healing from chronic pain.

The scope of the problem:

More than 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. This number translates to one in every four citizens. This phenomenon reaches across all socio-economic as one in four children suffer from chronic pain. The estimates for the financial costs of this are now around $650 billion each year in the United States alone.

Many doctors view chronic pain as a condition from which there is no cure. As a chronic pain sufferer, I met many doctors who looked at chronic pain this way. Most of them, in fact. It took me decades to find a doctor that understood the true nature of chronic pain and how to address it before I received the help in healing it.

Looking for solutions

With this combination of widespread chronic pain and a fundamental misunderstanding in much of the Western medical community, I felt moved to come forward and share what is working for people to heal chronic pain. I wanted to create a platform where I could bring together doctors, therapists, wellness practitioners and people who had found a way to live their life out of the suffering of chronic pain.

Furthermore, with an opioid epidemic in full swing in North America, doctors are searching to find effective ways to help end the suffering that comes with chronic pain.

Sharing success

I reached out to the chronic pain community and found so many voices ready to share their success stories. So many people came forward to share with me. I am thrilled to be able to bring this series to you. My hope is that patients, medical professionals, caretakers, and family members of chronic pain sufferers will find solutions and hope here. The overarching message of the series is “You can heal from chronic pain. You don’t have to suffer.”

If you are interested in sharing your story in this series or are working in this area and have found effective ways to heal chronic pain, please feel free to email me at

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