Self-Care and Personal Growth in Business Development

Elizabeth Kipp had a fun and inspiring talk with Mark Adams of Mark & Katie The Unforget Yourself Show Podcast in episode #330: “The Influence of Our Ancestors: Leveraging Their Gifts and Releasing Their Burdens.”  Elizabeth shared how she manages her self-care and personal growth in business development. She shares what she does for work and some of the joys and challenges she faces in her business.

Stress management and addiction recovery with a coach. (0:24)

Elizabeth helps people manage chronic stress and addiction through stress management techniques, ancestral clearing, and trauma-informed yoga.

She finds that her clients need to regulate their nervous system, feel a sense of belonging, and have a regulated nervous system to reason and learn.

Breathing techniques for managing stress and finding purpose. (4:06)

It’s important for people to know how to breathe properly to regulate their nervous system.

Techniques include taking 5-6 long, slow, deep breaths with an exhale as long or longer than the inhale. The nervous system responds by calming down because it feels safe.

Managing chronic stress through breathwork and body-centered techniques. (7:20)

Elizabeth emphasizes the importance of addressing the body’s nervous system first in managing chronic stress, as the mind cannot function properly without proper nervous system regulation.

She identifies sugar as a common trigger for chronic stress, as it can cause the nervous system to become dysregulated and lead to negative mental and physical symptoms.

Self-care and personal growth for business owners. (10:55)

Elizabeth and Mark discuss the importance of self-care for business owners, including a morning practice, selective information intake, and seeking mentors.
Elizabeth emphasizes the need to be discerning about the questions asked, as the answers may not always be what they seem.
She shares a quick meditation exercise to help identify and address unresolved issues. Learn to trust our bodies and listen to our inner wisdom for answers.

Finding balance in business growth. (16:55)

Mark and Elizabeth reflect on the importance of stillness and quiet in business growth, finding a balance between rest and action.

Marketing strategy and client engagement for a solopreneur. (18:46)

Elizabeth shares with Mark her approach to marketing and finding her niche.
It’s important to prioritize understanding the target audience and tailoring the messaging to resonate with them.
Create a sweet spot between your marketing efforts and your audience’s needs.
Experiment with different types of messaging and approaches to find what works best for the business.
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Self-Care and Personal Growth in Business Development

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