Here are the five forgivenesses of being human.

First forgiveness:

First, forgive The Creator, Who created All, and yourself when you feel separated from The Creator. Here, we forgive The Creator of the All That Is, whatever we choose to call this original creative energy, and ourselves for the sense of separation we feel between where we begin and end and where It begins and ends. Ultimately, we are not separable at all, yet in our ignorance, in our forgetting, we feel this separation deeply, though not irreparably.


Second forgiveness:

Forgive your karma that it is as it is. We are born with certain qualities – gifts and challenges. These are karmic in nature, so we have come by them through our actions. So, we forgive the karma with which we are born.


Third forgiveness:

Forgive the constant change in the environment and the cause and the affect which arise because of it. It is not the life that matters; it is the courage we bring to it. Here, we forgive the very nature of change itself. Change brings challenge to us and it is constant. It is our courage that determines our life, rather than the challenges themselves.


Fourth forgiveness:

Forgive the physical capacity of the body and living in paradox. Please forgive the limitation you experience. And, through our Divinity, we are infinite beings. So, we live in this powerful paradox. In the fourth forgiveness, we forgive the limitations we are born with, the limits imposed by our flesh and bone, by our mind, our limited view of what Divinity is or is not. We forgive our limitations and do the best we can with what we have. We do our best to realize and actualize the Infinity within us.


Fifth forgiveness:

Forgive yourself by having to learn life by living it and any judgments we make because of it. Release any guilt you have for making mistakes. We can be very critical of ourselves. We can diminish our self-trust, self-esteem, and self-respect when we judge ourselves. This fifth forgiveness turns us to love ourselves – in all aspects… all our gifts… all our foibles and faults. We love all that we must go through, endure, experience in this life. We look closely at our behavior and our attitudes towards all things, from our inner world to our exterior world, and bring forgiveness and love to all of it.

The Five Forgivenesses

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