Trauma Response Therapy – Special Guest Elizabeth Kipp

Elizabeth had a powerful conversation with Cierra Cobb of EmancipateNC for her podcast, Black Light Mass Incarceration Show. Check out the episode “Trauma Response Therapy – Special Guest Elizabeth Kipp.’ Listen here.

Here is the summary of the episode:

  • Welcome to Black White Mass Incarceration.

    • Introduction to Black Light Mass Incarceration Show.
    • About Cierra Cobb and what she does.
    • Yoga and polyvagal theory for healing historical trauma.
    • The polyvagal theory of trauma.
  • The 10th cranial nerve is called the vagus nerve.

    • The 10th cranial nerve, the vagus nerve.
    • The threat assessment system and social engagement system.
    • How to handle the social engagement piece of it.
    • The first thing to do in conversation.
  • Why it’s so important to keep your vagus nerve regulated.

    • The polyvagal theory.
    • The importance of keeping the vagus nerve balanced and regulated.
    • Breathing is the quickest way to come back into regulation.
    • Connecting the mind and body.
  • When we get activated the amygdala in the brain, the old reptilian part of the brain gets activated and it’s so powerful.

    • The amygdala in the brain gets activated when activated.
    • The importance of a regular daily practice.
    • Trauma is not what happens to you, but what happens inside.
    • Injustice and trauma.
  • Addiction is a disease of disconnection.

    • Addiction is a disease of disconnection, trauma and disconnection.
    • Three levels of disconnectedion.
    • Report a police encounter with the us
    • Crowdsourcing police misconduct.
    • Turning within and telling you to.
    • The hierarchy of healing, nervous system, connection and connection.
  • You can’t separate mind, body and spirit all at once.

    • Healing chronic pain and getting clear from medicine.
    • Mind, body, spirit and body.
    • Three types of pain, physical, mental and spiritual.
    • Recovery from addiction.
  • The importance of nutrition and exercise in recovery.

    • The importance of nutrition and movement in healing from addiction.
    • Yoga and stretching.
    • How nutrition, exercise and yoga can improve mental health.
    • How meditation can help with trauma.
  • Positive affirmations are at the reason level of the body.

    • Meditating with positive thoughts and daily affirmations.
    • Never complete a negative thought about yourself.
    • The hierarchy of healing, regulation, sense of belonging.
    • Negative thoughts are like velcro in the brain.
  • Ancestral trauma and what it does to the body.

    • Ancestral trauma and what it does to the body.
    • The importance of ancestral healing.
    • One of the five techniques used by the cleric.
    • Forgiveness and release.
  • “Help All of You to Forgive Each Other”.

    • Forgiveness for all hurts and wrongs.
    • Forgive each other and yourself.
    • Ancestral clearing, healing, empowerment, integrity and peace.
    • How Elizabeth feels after listening to this episode.
    • Ancestral trauma training from john newton.
    • The greatest healer in life is within you.\

Trauma response therapy with special guest Elizabeth Kipp


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