Ultimate Path to Freedom Path on Heal Thrive Dream Podcast

Enjoy Episode 117 of the Heal Thrive Dream Podcast with host Karen Robinson in the “Ultimate Path to Freedom” with guest Elizabeth Kipp. Elizabeth shares the path to healing chronic pain.

Elizabeth is a beacon of hope for those dealing with chronic pain, trauma, and stress management.

In this episode, we’ll explore the remarkable world of Ancestral Clearing,

a modality that Elizabeth champions for releasing the burdens of intergenerational trauma. This practice has the potential to not only heal our own energy and frequency but also address the chronic pain and stress that may be rooted in the traumas passed down through our lineage.

Elizabeth shares valuable insights from her book “The Way Through Chronic Pain: Tools to Reclaim Your Healing Power.

Join us as we discuss the epigenetic changes involved in trauma,

the vital integration of mind, body, and spirit in the healing process, and the importance of understanding the scope of practitioners’ expertise. Get ready to be inspired by Elizabeth’s empowering message that the greatest healer resides within each and every one of us.

Listen HERE  for a transformative conversation that just might point you toward your own path to freedom.

📚 Timestamped overview

03:25 Chronic pain and attachment influence our authenticity.

09:36 Healing professionals have limits – respect them.

16:05 The Detox program helps reset stress response and wellness.

17:42 Epigenetic changes affect DNA through environmental interactions.

29:14 The greatest healer in your life lives within you.

❇️ Key topics and bullets

Understanding Chronic Pain and Transgenerational Trauma

  • An explanation of how chronic pain and stress affect the nervous system
  • Exploring the notion of transgenerational trauma and its physical manifestations
  • Discussion of the mind-body connection in chronic pain

Elizabeth Kipp’s Personal Journey and Resources

Aligning Expectations with Healers’ Expertise

  • Elizabeth’s emphasis on the importance of recognizing the scope of each healer’s practice
  • The example about not seeking inappropriate professional advice from specialists like an orthopedic surgeon

Trauma’s Impact on Health and Recovery

  • Conversation about the relationship between trauma, chronic pain, and addiction
  • An acknowledgment of the physical and emotional components of chronic pain
  • The critique of the dismissal of chronic pain as being “all in your head”

The Role of Ancestral Clearing and Mind-Body Work

  • Explanation of how Ancestral Clearing aids in alleviating inherited trauma
  • Discussion on DNA’s “hardware and software” and epigenetic changes
  • Advocacy for integrated healing models that address mind, body, and spirit

Promotion of Self-Care and Healing Tools

  • Encouragement to tap into the innate healing power within
  • Suggestions on self-care practices and the development of self-awareness
  • Offering  breath meditation to help with nervous system regulation

Healing Through Writing and Community Support

  • Highlighting the power of journaling for trauma recovery
  • Karen Robinson’s endorsement of journaling and anticipation for a forthcoming event

All of these modalities combine to form the ultimate path to freedom on your healing journey.

For a private session with Elizabeth, BOOK HERE.

Ultimate Path to Freedom on Heal Thrive Dream Podcast

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