Understanding Chronic Pain with Elizabeth Kipp

What is chronic pain?

For those of us who do not experience relentless physical aches and pains, the answer may surprise you. How Elizabeth Kipp defined it was not what I was expecting. It is clear she has an intimate understanding.

Elizabeth and I spent our time talking her about her book and how ‘being in moment’ impacted her healing and the process of writing her book. You will find out why she gave her inner critic a make-over and who’s voice she hears now when the inner critic speaks (you’re going to love who it is).

It is my hope this conversation helps to bring more compassion into the world. And, a better understanding of chronic pain.

In this Pen to Paper Press Podcast episode “In the Moment with Our Inner Critic with Elizabeth Kipp,” you will hear:

.:. The definition of chronic pain and where Elizabeth sought healing.
.:. The impact of being in the moment had on Elizabeth’s life.
.:. Why she wrote her book The Way Through Chronic Pain: Tools to Reclaim Your Healing Power.
.:. Her experiences with the inner critic and the make-over she gave her inner critic.

Pour a mug of rose tea for yourself and enjoy listening to our very educational conversation focused on healing and our voice.

Understanding Chronic Pain with Elizabeth Kipp

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