You Are Your Greatest Healer with Elizabeth Kipp

Elizabeth Kipp shares the concept and teachings around “You Are Your Greatest Healer” on the Daily Kickstart on Clubhouse with Amber J. Lawson and Laura Saltman. This is an engaging conversation of the principles of healing and the nature of chronic pain. Enjoy this powerful interactive conversation here.

Points covered in this conversation include:

  • You are your greatest healer. Healing power lives within you. This is your reference point for healing.
  • Your body wants to heal.
  • You can heal from chronic pain.
  • What is chronic pain anyway?

I meet and speak with a lot of people who think chronic pain is only about physical pain. The physical pain is only part of the chronic pain story. So many people, one in every four Americans, suffer with chronic pain and the estimates are about the same for the world. What people do not often realize about chronic pain is that it includes more than physical pain.

Chronic pain is any pain – physical, emotional, or spiritual – that is felt 15 days out of 30 for three months or more. It doesn’t matter to the brain what kind of pain it is. Anything that doesn’t feel good in the body sends the same signal to the brain: “it hurts”. While the acute pain that the body signals to us when we have an injury is a normal sensation arising in the nervous system, chronic pain is different. Chronic pain continues and persists. It can be felt for months or years.

If we want to rise out of the victimhood of chronic pain, we need to dig deeply into ourselves and find the courage to look at what we are bringing to the table and then take action to shift our old beliefs. This is the way to turn the direction of the chronic pain experience, gain traction and momentum in reclaiming the healing power that lives miraculously within us.



You Are Your Greatest Healer with Elizabeth Kipp

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